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(a) The tattoos are used for identity in Azkaban, with a unique code/cipher. (b) The tattoos are the Wizarding identical of our Chinese tattoos and are bunch of overseas symbols that Sirius were given in prison as a result of they appeared dope/cool/deep.The giant tattoo by way of his sternum is the alchemical symbol for Amalgamation, which is linked to the Gray Wolf. This might have something to do with his ability to transform a dog, or perhaps even represent Remus. The one on his lower proper pec is similar toSirius Black Tattoo. by means of dubuddha January 18, 2018. 1382 views. Sirius Black Tattoo via Russell Van Schaick. Russell Van Schaick. Zero comment. 0. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Telegram Email. earlier put up. Rainbow Astronaut Tattoo. subsequent post. Skulls Zen Tattoo. Related Articles. Tattoo of Hummingbird.Sirius Black III (3 November, 1959 -18 June, 1996), also known as Padfoot or Snuffles (in his Animagus shape) was an English pure-blood wizard, the older son of Orion and Walburga Black, and the brother of Regulus Black.Although he used to be the heir of the House of Black, Sirius disagreed with his family's belief in blood purity and defied tradition when he was once Sorted into Gryffindor House insteadHarry Potter Three modified a large number of the unique, also Sirius Black. Harry Potter readers will indubitably be surprised to start with sight that the Prisoner of Azkaban, different than in the novel, has a large number of tattoos within the movie.

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Enjoy the videos and track you like, add authentic content, and share all of it with buddies, circle of relatives, and the sector on YouTube.Padfoot was once Sirius Black's nickname. Sensible, given the truth that this character was an Animagus who could grow to be a canine. This cute tattoo illustrates Sirius in his canine shape in the cutest way!Mar 6, 2016 - Explore Nadia Theaker's board "Sirius Black costume ideas" on Pinterest. See extra ideas about sirius black gown, sirius black, harry potter halloween.Tattoo Artist Sirius Black (17) Alternate Universe - Modern Setting (9) Alternate Universe - Non-Magical (8) Tattoos (6) Fluff (4) Marauders (4) Alternate Universe - Muggle (4) Alternate Universe - Tattoo Parlor (4) Getting Together (3) Body Modification (2) Other tags to incorporate

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Sirius got the tattoos from the art division when the films have been being made. …No, in reality. Those tattoos are film simplest, e book Sirius doesn't have tattoos and the director was inspired to present them to him by means of seeing Russian jail tattoos — regardless that...And They Were Roommates...(Sirius Black Fanfic) Tattoos and Necklaces. Potatoeater. I woke up feeling like I used to be the protagonist of a standard fairytale. The sun was hitting my face, I may pay attention the birds chirping from outdoor my window and I was in the arms of the fellow I favored. I slowly lifted my head to take a glance at him.Sirius Black is crucial persona in the Harry Potter saga, he was a clean-blooded wizard son of Orion and Walburga Black who in his time at Hogwarts used to be in Gryffindor the place he solid an ideal friendship with Remus Lupine, Peter Pettigrew and James Potter, a bunch known as The Marauders who joined the Order […]By the time you look at all of those, you can have more tattoos than Sirius Black (in the films)—possibly even a few OF Sirius Black… and relating to consistency with the textual content, where higher to start than with the Dark Mark? The Dark Mark TattoosSirius Black is among the most liked characters in the Harry Potter collection. Fiercely loyal and always there for Harry when he needed him, Black's (spoiler alert!) loss of life was once some of the series' most gut-wrenching ends. For those that can't get enough of Harry's brave godfather, take a look at 24 magical details about Sirius Black.

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Sirius Orion Black Biographical knowledge Born

October 23, 1959

Blood status


Sig. Other

Marlene McKinnon

Marital Status


Also known as Padfoot PadsIdentify(s) Beater Dueling Club NEWTS Study ClubSignature Physical data Species






Hair color


Eye color


Skin colour


Family information Family












Renee Black












Nymphadora Tonks

(2nd Cousin)





(2d Cousin)








Amanda McKinnon


Magical traits Animagus

Black Dog



Affiliation House


Loyalty Marauders & Co. Marlene McKinnon Order of the Phoenix Potter Family Regulus Black Aries & Artemis Gryffindor Hogwarts Template:Rb

❝ The international isn’t split into just right folks and Death Eaters. We’ve all got both gentle and darkish inside us. What matters is the phase we choose to behave on. That’s who we in point of fact are. ❞ — Sirius Black

Sirius Black (October 23, 1959 - Present) is a Pure-Blood wizard  and eldest son born to Orion Black and Walburga Black and the brother to Regulus Black and half-brother to his classmate Mary Macdonald. Sirius is the boyfriend and afterward husband to Marlene McKinnon; and is the father to her youngsters, Aries and Artemis Black. He is the brother-in-law to Emmeline Vance and the uncle to her daughter Renee Black either one of who're later killed. Sirius may be the brother-in-law to Preston Fawley, Mason McKinnon, Faith Ross-McKinnon, Mitchell McKinnon, Matthew McKinnon, and Max McKinnon.

During the Hogwarts sorting cermony Sirius is positioned in Gryffindor residence, being the primary particular person in his circle of relatives to be looked after into any house except for Slytherin.


Early Life Grimmauld Place, the place Sirius grew up

Growing up Sirius by no means agreed together with his households harsh views. He did not like the way in which his family felt that they had a type of superiority over everyone else, simply due to their blood status.

He frequently brazenly disobeyed and disagreed along with his folks, which result in Orion and Walburga to take extra excessive disciplinary movements. His folks hatred against him soon become abuse. He attempted to hold robust, never letting himself cry. 

Sirius grew up in Borough of Islington, London, which is a muggle community and village. Sirius' family home is located on twelfth Grimmauld Street.

Most days the 2 brothers would wander across the village. They would often walk past the Price place of dwelling, because it was on their path to the Mad Batter Bakery. Unknown to the two brothers, Borough Islington resident, Vivienne Price, would frequently watch them, each morning on their adventure.

On their method home one past due afternoon, Sirius made up our minds to live a little dangerously and step foot on the muggle playground, even if their mom had forbade it. Regulus was once scared out of his mind as Sirius waltzed onto the playground grass, warning Sirius not to go any longer. Sirius encouraged Regulus to come back play and to calm down, as their mom did not have eyes all over the place. The brothers' interplay was witnessed through Vivienne and her formative years playmates, Marlene McKinnon and Preston Fawley. Preston approached the two boys and invited them to play with him and the girls. Sirius fortunately agreed, introducing himself and his brother. This was once the primary time that both Sirius and Regulus, met the loves in their lives without even knowing it. 

Hogwarts Years Year 1 (1971-1972)

During Sirius' first teach experience he sits in a compartment with long term classmatesJames Potter, Lily Evans, and Severus Snape. The children all introduce themselves and talk about their new faculty.

Sirius Black: "Where are you heading, if you've got the choice?" 

James: "Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! Like my dad... Got a problem with that? " 

Severus Snape: "Not if you'd rather be brawny than brainy." 

- Sirius' first meeting with James Potter and Severus Snape 

Sirius used to be looked after into Gryffindor, breaking his circle of relatives's Slytherin precedent. A decision that Sirius by no means regrets the Sorting Hat making, even if it did earn him a beating at house.

Sirius was set to room with James Potter, Remus Lupin, Preston Fawley and Peter Pettigrew. The boys got alongside smartly, forming friendships almost right away.

Year 2 (1972-1973)

Sirius spent maximum of 2nd 12 months giving all of his time to his best buddies, James, Remus, and Peter; and giving little consideration to the rest of the sector.

Halfway into the yr, the men uncover that Remus is a werewolf. To Remus' surprise his roommates were not scared or disgusted, as an alternative they remained as they had been. Remus was one in all their best buddies, the other three boys made up our minds that it didn't topic what species he used to be, they had been going to treat him simply the same. Preston strikes a couple of days after Remus revelation inflicting the remainder boys to wonder about Preston's loyalty to the gang. 

Year 3 (1973-1974)

In Sirius' 3rd 12 months, he began to take understand of his lovely feminine classmates. In his younger years he did not care much for ladies evident gawking over him. He most commonly cared for pranking and having amusing together with his pals, better known as, the Marauders. Even so, the Marauders remained the middle of his global.

Summer of 1974

After another battle together with his oldsters Sirius in spite of everything reaches his breaking point and runs away from house.

Needing a place to head he considered the only place that would imply serenity, James' dwelling.

He arrives bruised and beaten, nearly breaking down when James tiredly opens the door at 3am in the morning. Practically collapsing into James' palms, Thomas and Jennifer Potter come speeding down the staircase.

After getting him cleaned up, they settle Sirius of their guest room. Before James walks out of the room Sirius calls from the mattress:

Sirius: "I...I'll find a place in the morning."

James: "Why would you? You're home." (Giving a reassuring smile prior to remaining the door in the back of him)

For days Sirius felt nugatory, damaged. His parents' phrases echoing round his head. Thoughts of his little brother Regulus looming. "What is going to happen to him now that I'm gone?" Sirius feared what his father would possibly do when he discovered he ran away. Sirius anxious for Regulus' grim future that he could not take a look at to give protection to him from. Sirius felt that he ran clear of hell however the ache stayed. Regulus stayed. 

James attempted his easiest to convenience his best possible mate. Thomas and Jennifer were also very welcoming. Sirius regularly began to grin and giggle again. For as soon as in his lifestyles Sirius felt like he had a house, a family.

Year 4 (1974-1975)

Sirius, James, and Peter, made up our minds that they wanted to be more than just supportive to Remus, they sought after to lessen the pain of his hairy little downside. Perfecting the animagus spell, Remus now not had to run in the course of the woods by myself. Sirius could turn out to be into a large, fluffy, black canine; mirroring his playful and loyal character. The boys then began calling themselves the "Marauders", and adopted nicknames that mirrored upon their animal counterparts.

Later in the 12 months, the Maruaders created the Marauders Map. The Marauders Map is a file that may divulge every room, corridor, secret passage, and individual, on Hogwarts school grounds. The map can also establish folks in each and every room and is not fooled via animagi, Polyjuice potion, or invisibility cloaks. 

Year 5 (1975-1976)

Rustik Restaurant and Pub

After Sirius turns 15 he will get a role at an unusual position referred to as, Rustik. Rustik is a cafe, bar, and on occasion has live track for dancing. It's just a little in every single place but alternatively so is he, so it appeared like an ideal fit for him.

Year 6 (1976-1977)

Upon the beginning of sixth yr Sirius is both stunned and pleased to see Marlene at school at the side of his former roommate Preston.  During sixth year, Sirius pulls a cruel prank on Severus Snape, sending him to the Whomping Willow on the night time of a full moon. After Severus is nearly killed through a werewolf Remus, James Potter carries his bloody frame to the infirmary with Sirius Black following shut at the back of. Marlene was once coming back from getting a midnight snack in the kitchen when they run swiftly previous her.

~Marlene overheard the lads arguing~ James: How could you do this to Remus! (hollaring to Sirius behind him) Severus (mumbles): werewolf, Lupin... Werewo... Sirius: I didn't think it could end like this! They hardly noticed Marlene status in the shadows. James (outdoor the infirmary door): Just leave. Sirius: But Prong— James: You've carried out sufficient. I'll cross handle Moony. Merlin, I don't even want consider what he'll appear to be in the morning once I tell him what you might have finished.

Year 7 (1977-1978)

During his seventh Year he used to be voted "Biggest Flirt" by his peers as his superlative. 

After Hogwarts 

Sirius is a faithful member of the Order of the Phoenix. Sirius and his buddies possibility their lives going on missions for the Order, combating for an international free of oppression.

Sirius is the most efficient guy in James Potter and Lily Evans' marriage ceremony.

Physical Appearance

Sirius is presented with the darkly handsome just right seems to be not unusual to the House of Black. His hair is jet black in color and luscious to the touch, and has grown out unevely to about chin duration. His eyes are a striking chilly gray colour, however all the time seem heat when he smiles. Like many of his members of the family he has the same pronounced cheek bones and jaw line. He has an elegant beauty to him that makes him delightful to stare upon. He is tall and has a pleasing athletic body build. It is uncommon to peer him with out a grin on his face.

Sirius Black's tattoos: (The Y type trident with two dashes through it) It is the alchemical image for Amalgamation. Below that's the rune Ansuz. His tattos were imprinted on him upon entering jail. The tattoo on his collar bone is basically his Azkaban prisoner number. The tattoos on his arms, are tattoos that were given in Russian prisons to extremely unhealthy criminals. They continuously indicated that the person must be feared and revered. 

In his animagus form, Sirius is a huge, hairy, black canine. Even in canine shape he still has his striking gentle eyes and huge grin.

Personality and Traits

Sirius is a huge jokester that all the time has a smile on his face. It is not uncommon for him to head round pranking along with his highest buddies, the Marauders. He could be very loving and in most cases very friendly. He cares deeply for his buddies and loved ones, and sometimes can be egocentric in terms of them. For the most phase he is very accepting of other people, no matter the race, blood standing, or species. He is amazingly loyal to those he cares for.

He is a bit of obnoxious now and then, but way smartly all the identical. His voice and laugh, both being very loud, and attention grabbing.

Sirius has a cool nature to him. Having this fashion about him, where nothing turns out to hassle him at the surface. He is very easy going, following a drift, never complaining. The approach he clothes, his hair, his complete look is solely very fulfilling to other people, which is most likely why most people already love him after a single look.

He is a bundle of energy, and is all about dwelling within the moment. He likes to playfully tease other people, knowing that they secretly enjoy the banter too. He is always one for a great time, even though it approach living through others if he is in no place to have fun. He provokes folks to do issues, a troublemaker even on his own.

Sirius is always petrified of "not being strong enough to fight", and having to "crawl back to that terrible house." He hated feeling depending on the ones other folks he abhorred. He loves to piss off his family, especially his mother, whom has a habit of burning people off the circle of relatives tree. Regulus being Sirius' simplest remorseful about about leaving his family.

Sirius is amazingly cussed, making it difficult to switch his thoughts on issues. Marlene is the one known person to be able to make him give things a 2d thought.

If you get on his unhealthy side he'll snap at you with a fierce mood. He does now not hide his hatred against those he loathes. He may even go to down proper bullying people he dislikes. He does not see fighting as below him, and because of his delight will not back off from a challenge.

Sirius is known for making rash choices that steadily get him into bother. Doing things with out pondering is his forté, and is a trait he seems to never grow out of.

He is aware of simply how to attract folks in, almost like a predator trapping prey; his crooked smile, knack for hassle, lighthearted nature, and the alluring approach he speaks all pulling you in. He is aware of precisely what to say, and how to transfer to seduce people into fawning over him. His form of hypnosis used ceaselessly on women and academics. The Marauders incessantly joking that it's his greatest skill.

Deep down Sirius is truly very loving, and best wishes to be liked in go back. His dangerous home existence and vicious circle of relatives have compelled him to seek for attention in other places. This result in him turning into relatively of a man-whore. Sleeping with and kissing ladies just for the affection they provide him. Most of his bodily relationships are 'No Strings Attached', so he does not really feel tied down and does not in reality must get to know them.

He has a difficult time opening as much as people and for a very long time only does with the intention to the opposite Marauders, and his cousin Andromeda.

Animagus Traits

Since Sirius' animagus is a dog he presentations more than one canine traits even in human shape. He loves a good pet, particularly behind his ears, and on his stomach. He will unconsciously stomp his foot like a normal dog if the pets are further excellent. He is a big cuddler, loving to snuggle as much as all of his close pals. He also gets very excited when he sees buddies that have been clear of him for a while, getting all hyped up once they come into view.

He enjoys a excellent bag of dog treats, eating them like popcorn. When he's glad he loves to stick his tongue to the aspect or develop into just his tail for a excellent wagging.

When he feels sizzling or is just wanting a groovy off he's going to open his mouth and pant like his animal counter phase would.

He is very protective of his shut friends, always at the look out. He growls when he's dissatisfied and infrequently bares his dog teeth with out realizing.

When him and Marlene get started so far he would often lick her cheek, neck, or shoulders as a form of kiss. To outsiders it could appear beside the point or sexual however to him its a simple 'I like you' and nothing extra. Physically he was distant to ladies he didn't really handle, very similar to how dogs choose their house owners. With Marlene since it is emotional and physical, she has mentioned he is very sweet and loving, very similar to a canine with a toddler.

Sirius hates to be by myself, and each time he is in the 'dog-house' along with his pals, he's taking it particularly hard.

He is incessantly described as having a bark-like laugh, and in addition has a loud eye-catching speaking voice. 

Through his animal counterpart he the ability to inform when somebody is mendacity, similar to the tactics canine are a good pass judgement on of character. He watches out for the bodily indicators like: the exchange in pitch of their voice, increasing heartbeats, a refined layer of sweat on their pores and skin, sporadic eye motion, and the unnatural means they you have to be informal.

He has enhanced vision, listening to, agility, and stamina.



The Noble House of Black is notorious for his or her pure-blood standing and prejudice perspectives. Sirius and his family grow to be estrange from every different someday in Sirius fifth yr.  

Regulus Black

Regulus Black is the more youthful brother to Sirius Black. Regulus and Sirius used to be actually shut as children and when they entered Hogwarts they grew aside. When Regulus begins courting muggle-born witch, Vivienne Price, he starts to seek advice from his brother. The pair's dating begins to mend as each their girlfriends are close. 

For extra information take a look at Sirius and Regulus

Vivienne Price

Vivienne Price is the classmate and good friend to Sirius all the way through their college years. Vivienne becomes the sister-in-law to Sirius due to her marriage to his more youthful brother Regulus. Vivienne and Sirius in truth grew up in the same community. 

The Marauders

The Marauders is a gaggle of 4 boys: Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. In the lads' second yr Remus' lycanthrope was once came upon by way of the other 3 and the group was once shaped. Together they made the Marauder's Map, spelled with more than one complicated charms. The map allowed them to see where and what everybody within the Hogwarts citadel was once doing. The map had a easy password and closing spell best the 4 of them knew. Every time the men found anew secret passage, it was added to the map. In their fourth year, the lads become animagi to enroll in Remus on his transformations. Animagus paperwork are said to painting ones personality. Sirius turned into a large black canine, James changed into a fierce majestic stag, and Peter a fat lawn rat. The maps opening offered them as their animal forms: "Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, are proud to present The Marauder's Map".

James Potter (Prongs)

Sirius and James Potter met on the teach journey to Hogwarts at the start in their first year. James voicing his opinion on which dwelling was once the most efficient was once quickly shot down by Severus Snape, whom, in conjunction with Lily Evans, they shared the compartment. The boys bonded when Sirius took James' side at the matter. Once they arrived on the school, each boys have been taken care of into Gryffindor House and have been ecstatic to dicover they had been dormmates as well.

Towards the tip of the boys fifth year, Sirius pulled a cruel prank on Snape which revealed Remus as a werewolf to him. James quickly knowing Sirius' silly mistake ran into the Shrieking Shack to avoid wasting Snape. James then carried his injured body to the health center wing. Although Dumbledore made Snape promise not to inform someone, James was once still livid with Sirius.

For weeks James gave Sirius dirty appears and would not accept his many apologies. Sirius used to be forced to sit at the finish of the table by himself; later joined through Marlene. Even when Remus and Peter were given over it James would not give in until he was once happy with Sirius' suffering, even protecting the opposite two Marauders away from him as smartly. Eventually one late evening, Sirius sulked into the shared dorm where James and Remus sat at the floor drinking firewhiskey. James paused for a second, however then prolonged the bottle out to Sirius to take a swig. Sirius hesitated in the beginning but then obliged to drinking with them. The boys got drunk together that night time, and the following morning at breakfast their dating were mended. Sirius returned to his seat subsequent to James, and the 4 boys laughed together as if not anything had modified. The ladies all rolled their eyes mumbling "silly boys", for none of them knew what the entire divide was once about, best considering it must've been rediculous because the reconciliation procedure was once so quick. At the start of the summer season after fifth 12 months, Sirius' fight towards his folks were given even worse. A pair weeks into summer season Sirius had had sufficient. He packed his issues and ran clear of house. The handiest position he may assume to move on the time, was the Potter dwelling. On his way there he remembered that the Potters were on holiday. Sirius crashed at his cousin Andromeda's that night, and despatched James an owl the following day: "Dear Prongsie, I know you're probably by some fancy hotel pool soaking up the sun surrounded by birds in bikinis right now, but I really need my best mate. I'm going through a rough time. -Padfoot" James: "Hey Pads! You're right the birds here do wear them bikinis well (however none of them compare to Evans). Unfortunately, Mumsie and Pop have already payed for the whole trip, but I'll be home as soon as I can. I'm sorry but right now it seems that you're gonna have to crash elsewhere for the next two weeks. As for the rough time though, owl me. I'll respond when I can. Good luck Padfoot. -Prongs"

After a week and a half of home jumping, James' circle of relatives came house and welcomingly invited Sirius to stick with them. The Potter's home was Sirius' permanent house for the following couple of years. James and Sirius acted as brothers, even telling people they met over summer that Sirius was adopted. Sirius even began calling Jennifer and Tom, "Mama" and "Papa Potter".

James and Sirius right away hooked up once they met. People infrequently see them separated. The two percentage everything from secrets, to garments, to James' folks and room at home. The two are brothers 'til the tip and are all the time each and every other's first choice. They back each and every different on the whole thing, even supposing they're mistaken (the Snape prank the only exception).

Remus Lupin (Moony)

become pals at school

Throughout the varsity year

In the men 2d year, Sirius, James, and Peter Pettigrew, uncovered Remus' lycanthrope secret. For Remus' sake the 4 boys shaped a group, called the Marauders, and began to check the method of becoming an Animagus. In hopes of being able to sign up for Remus all the way through his painful, complete moon transformations. In their fifth year, the three boys successfully conjured the Animagus spell; Sirius turning into a big black dog, James changing into an impressive stag, and Peter transforming into a fat garden rat.

Towards the tip in their fifth 12 months, Sirius coming into a spat with Snape, performed a vicious prank on Snape sending him into the Shrieking Shack on a full moon. After James rescued Snape, the Marauders did not speak to Sirius for a number of weeks. Remus wasn't as indignant as he was hurt. He felt that Sirius did not care about his secret, that he would even expose Remus to their worst enemy. Sirius in go back felt terrible for his rash resolution, as it had lost him his very best pals. Remus being very forgiving as he's, made up our minds not to grasp a grudge towards Sirius. James now not able to permit Sirius back into their good graces pulled Remus and Peter together with him. Sirius was once utterly torn, missing his friends extraordinarily.

Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail)

Peter is one in every of Sirius' roommates, and a fellow member of the Marauders. Peter admires Sirius' cool nature, and success in the girl division. Peter aspires to be like James and Sirius, going along side the entirety they are saying and do.

Romantic Marlene McKinnon

Details at Sirius and Marlene Sirius and Marlene met during what started out as an overly dull summer season. James used to be away at Quidditch camp, and Marlene's family moved to a brand new the town where she did not appear to know any individual.


"The truth is, nothing touches my heart like a beautiful woman."

Magical Abilities and Skills

Sirius is a surprisingly gifted wizard. Many spells coming naturally to him, even to the point where he can easily use wandless and non-verbal magic.


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