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I simply were given within the Rep Fitness AB-5000 zero-gap bench. This is the assembly and my preliminary impressions! This is a evaluation of my Rep Fitness Ab-5000 Zero Gap Bench. I in reality believe that that is the best adjustable bench on the marketRep PR-5000 Power Rack - 1,500 lb Capacity Heavy Duty Squat Cage for Deadlifting, Weight Training, Lifting, Pullups in Home or Commercial Gyms. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Rep Fitness is a full-service apparatus corporate primarily based in Denver, Colorado. We elevate a complete line of strength and...I gained my (2d) Rep AB-5000 yesterday. I assembled it and played round a little bit last night time and concept I'd publish some preliminary impressions. I'll observe up with more detailed ideas as soon as I've had a possibility to make use of it for longer.Последние твиты от REP Fitness (@RepFitnessEquip). Bring the gymnasium home with REP. Innovative & high-value health club apparatus sponsored by means of the most productive customer service Shoutout to @garagegymscom for changing his $800+ Legend Fitness bench with our new REP AB-5000 ZeroGap Bench.This is a initial evaluation of the Rep Fitness AB-5000 'Zero-Gap' Adjustable Bench. It is very thorough and must solution maximum questions, but it is not whole. The reason I don't imagine this evaluate entire is because I just have not had the bench for very long. Rep PR-5000 Power Rack with Weight Storage System...

The Rep Fitness FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench is one of the absolute best designed flat benches I've come across. Here's a as quick have a look at the Rep Fitness AB-5000 Zero hole bench. It's a great buy if you'll to find it.Brand new Rep Fitness AB-5000 Zero Gap Bench - Too heavy for my wishes, seven hundred purchased together with tax and shipping. The addition of the non-compulsory leg attachment which you'll be able to get from Rep Fitness for about 100 bucks opens up even more options full decline situps.REP FITNESS Adjustable Bench - AB-3000 FID - 1,000 lb Rated - Flat/Incline/Decline. Manufacturers of a novel line of high quality useful fitness equipment. Designed for well being clubs, fitness studios, schools, and army.REP Fitness AB-5000 Zero Gap and AB-5200 Adjustable Bench Comparison & review. I already have an ironmaster bench no gap, the ab5000 seems tedious to adjust and should be in your knees or bend down. Ladder benches in my revel in are just effortless. Rep PR-5000 Power Rack with Weight Storage System...

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The REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench is the most productive adjustable bench, duration. With about as dramatic of an front that can be made (Rep began teasing this bench over 6 months ago) the Rep Fitness AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench and it's less expensive sister, the AB-5100 bench we're...Rep AB-5000 and 5100 (self.homegym). submitted 1 year ago through Firefox14131. What's everyone's opinion at the $one hundred value build up, on the "no gap" I'm affordable and purchased the PR-3000 with the Lat pulldown attachment as a 'center of the road' rack imo, but I did spring and buy the AB-5000 with...REP Fitness - AB-5200 Adjustable Bench. Bridge Built Clydesdale Power bar Review. Rogue Stainless Steel Olympic Barbell Review. BEST ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT BENCH - Rep Fitness AB5000 Zero Gap / Rogue AB3 Adjustable Weight Bench.I am not compensated for this evaluate of affiliated with Rep. Having stated that, as of this post they are still running a distinct on discounted 12" grippy vinyl pads or 14" grippy pads discounted for early consumers of this.Смотрите видео REP Fitness AB-5000 Zero-Gap Bench | Best Affordable Adjustable Bench | Garage Gym Review.

REP AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench Review

New for 2019, Rep Fitness has launched their newest product – the REP AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench (Click to see worth at Rep Fitness).

This adjustable bench is our top pick for a full FID (Flat, Incline, Decline) bench for home and storage gyms.

The Rep AB-5000 ZERO GAP Adjustable Bench can regulate to a complete 90 levels

This article will serve as our complete review of this versatile piece of energy equipment.

Long time period assessment update: This is a smart bench – difficult, versatile, incline adjustments are a breeze, and while it is a tad at the heavy side (because it's so beefy) it’s simple sufficient to move when you need to.

It has worked out in addition to I’d was hoping – and I highly recommend this bench as essentially the most robust, flexible heavy accountability bench for a house gymnasium or garage gym.

And, because you get a collection of colours it makes a truly great visible addition for your home or garage gymnasium.

The REP AB-5000 Adjustable Bench is a wonderful complete FID bench possibility for your home fitness center or storage gymnasium. The patented ZERO GAP characteristic means that is the most productive FID bench selection round.

But first, a handy guide a rough recap of why we chose this bench for our garage gym:

1,000 lb weight capability – made from Eleven gauge metal – this will probably be all the bench I’ll ever need. A full FID bench – You can do Flat, Incline, and Decline with the not obligatory decline leg accent. ZERO GAP – the patented ZERO GAP function means you'll alter away all of the pad gap in any configuration (flat, incline, or decline). Mobility – With wheels and a strong take care of it’s simple to transport within the garage gym. I’m now not blessed with storage house – things have to transport frequently. Fully adjustable – This bench is going from 0 levels (flat) to a full Ninety degrees – which is what I favor for again supported seated workout. Some benches most effective pass to 85 degrees within the upright place. Easy adjustments – The back pad and seat pad adjustments are completed by the use of quick and simple pop pins. The ZERO GAP characteristic is in a similar way simple, however you'll be able to further tighten it down to eliminate any movement.

In short, I sought after one flexible, tough, however simple to make use of adjustable bench that can do it all – for now and the long run.

This bench may be truly inexpensive – lately costing Click to see price for the bench itself.

The REP AB-5000 with the decline leg accent (Click to see price) is the best choice for most house and storage gyms.

And, in case you aren’t sold at the decline feature – skip that non-compulsory accent – you’ll nonetheless have an excellent flat and incline bench.

And, as an added bonus, it’s available in a variety of attractive colours.

Make mine purple.

The REP AB-5000 bench will also be had in different other colors.

REP AB-5000 Shipping and Assembly

Here’s the REP AB-5000 because it arrived by the use of UPS. Also shown is the bundle for the not obligatory leg decline accessory.

The box claims a Forty five kgs shipping weight – or about Ninety nine lbs.

One individual can transfer it, nevertheless it’s awkward.

Inside the box, you can see that the frame and legs are wrapped in bubble wrap, and the seat and again pads are boxed separately.

There used to be no injury to any of the gear because of shipping.

The back and seat pad are packed tightly of their person containers. There is a caution to not minimize with a razor – and we agree you need to use warning when opening – there's little room for error.

These benches are designed in the United States, but made in China. Overall, the standard of the bench is superb and you'll be able to see from the incorporated bureaucracy that Rep does their very best to ensure a clean experience for the customer.

Assembly instructions include a easy single web page , and best 14 bolts total are required. An allen secret's incorporated (that is used for the bolts connecting the again and seat pads to the body), as is a multipurpose wrench.

Honestly though, it’s better to make use of a 3/4″ socket ratchet at the other bolts – which might be used to glue the improve feet to the body.

Assembly time is set 20 minutes.

The greatest challenge is that the body and beef up feet are beefy, heavy portions. Might be more straightforward to have two folks to put it in combination, but one person can get the job accomplished.

Here’s the again and seat pads, after un-packaging.

The pad subject material is flawless, no cuts, nicks, or marks.

The back and seat pad have a very company feel – which is what I favor.

The subject matter masking the pads has a really nice textured really feel to it – feels adore it is the correct amount of “grip” you want in a bench. Here’s a close-up.

Previously I used to be the use of an old Bodymaster business bench – and it’s much more slick.

Rep has executed lots of the onerous work for us. You can see that the body of the bench is most commonly complete.

Here’s that 3/4″ socket and ratchet used to connect the improve toes.

There are two nicks within the pink energy coat that you'll be able to see on the left hand “cage” across the wheel.

That used to be the one flaw in an another way well finished powder coat process.

Once the strengthen feet are installed (2 nuts and bolts each for a complete of 4), we just wish to attach the again and seat pad.

The seat pad is connected the use of 4 bolts and washers, tighted via allen key (integrated).

You will wish to use the ZERO GAP adjustment mechanism to move the seat pad backward and forward to fully tighten both units of bolts.

Next step is to boost the incline so as to connect the again pad.

There are 6 bolts and washers used for the back pad – tighten with the incorporated allen key.

And here’s the completed product, showing Flat, 45 level, and 90 level (absolutely upright) configurations.

All with ZERO GAP.

Now, let’s attach the leg decline accessory so we can get complete FID capability.

Here’s the parts which might be incorporated.

Here’s the place they connect.

The firm foam leg rollers are easily connected and secured using collars with set screws. A small allen secret's had to tighten these.

Here’s the bench with the leg attachment fully assembled.

And right here it is in decline mode – with ZERO GAP.

For more meeting pointers, right here’s some tips directly from the source – Rep Fitness: [embedded content]

Rep Fitness AB-5000 Bench – Performance

Ok, in order that’s how it is put in combination and what it seems like.

But, how well does it work?

I’m satisfied to say it really works great. It is an overly solid bench, in all positions.

So far, I’ve used it for bench press, decline sit-ups, and chest supported DB rows.

Having the handle and wheels is perfect for what I would like, and the pop-pin adjustment of the incline is quick and simple.

After a number of weeks of the use of this bench – I conclude that it is an excellent piece of kit. It let’s me do a couple of things with one piece of apparatus – and that's exactly what I sought after.

Is the Rep AB-5000 Bench too heavy?

I will be able to say it is a heavy bench – the care for and wheels are absolutely required when it comes time to transport the bench.

You tilt it up using the care for, and in case you elevate it just about vertical, it’s a breeze to transport.

I will be able to usually roll it out of the way when the use of my energy rack for squats, OHP, and many others.

Still suppose it’s too heavy?

Pretend you might be doing a little form of landmine exercise…

I additionally want there was once much less of a spread between the 90 stage and 75 level incline settings. Given how the bench is setup, it kind of feels like they might easily split the difference and make a 82 level notch – or one thing like that.

Rep AB-5000 Bench Wobble?

Some buyers of the AB-5000 bench have complained about bench wobble.

Mine doesn’t do this – nor must yours.

But, if it does, check this video from Rep Fitness:

[embedded content]

Rep AB-5000 FID Bench – In Summary

Rep Fitness has brought a versatile, powerful, and affordable FID bench technique to the marketplace with the REP AB-5000.

It is our recommended choice for home gyms and garage gyms that need the maximum in flexibility from their apparatus, and don’t wish to make compromises.

Photo Credits

Some of the photos used in this article are belongings of the producer.

We’re an associate of Rep Fitness. If you click the links on this article and buy apparatus we obtain a small charge at no additional value to you. This is helping us to carry you great information to make the appropriate choices on your well being and fitness.

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