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Background Designs--Baptist Fan. The traditional Baptist fan quilting design, the results of concentric arcs stitched over an entire cover top, lends an vintage really feel to this mission.Quilted in a baptist fan trend through Krista - Lolablueocean. Made in Cherry trend by Sarah Fielke, Brrr! fabric designed by Laurie My long armer Laura quilted it in a baptist fan trend and I find it irresistible!Baptist Fan quilting ruler made in acrylic. You will have to keep up a correspondence confirmation of getting a ruler foot, that your device makes use of a improve base for rulerwork,and the mattress's quilting space is big sufficient...Easy Peasy Baptist Fan was once designed by way of Naomi Hynes. This product is a virtual download and includes Join the Modern Fans quilt trend sew-along for a chance to win a BERNINA 350 stitching...Baptist Fan. $ 0.0200. Baptist Fan quantity. Add to cart.

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Easiest solution to duvet Baptist Fan trend. Watch demonstration on youTube channel TopAnchor Quilting. Difficult to make use of totally free motion quilting with desk bound sewing machines.There are many ways to do Baptist fans, however my favourite is when the fanatics are at an angle, like under. To create this, start at the backside left of your duvet and mark the first fan.After just about two years creating the Baptist Fan longarm quilting tool, it was once finally announced to the general public and made available on December 10, 2012.15 USD. Inteliquilter - .IQP report. Machine Quilting Robot - .MQR record. PC Quilter - .TXT document. ABM - .PAT record. Side Saddle - .SSD. DXF - .DXF document. The virtual trend license may also be found right here.

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There are 28 baptist fan quilting for sale on Etsy, and so they price 88,06 $ on moderate. The maximum commonplace baptist fan quilting subject material is cotton .When I'm quilting a larger sized mission (because I generally tend to work reasonably small I include the rest from . You do not want the rest fancy to draw out a baptist fan design, only a piece of see via plastic (I...Send email to: [email protected] Demonstration of patented longarm device quilting instrument used to make concentric circles for designs comparable to the normal Baptist Fan.Most each duvet that I device cover this is created from Civil War Reproduction cloth, I do Baptist After doing a few quilts with the standard Baptist Fans, I expanded my horizons and did a topsy...Apr 3, 2015 - I'm fascinated with quilting the Baptist Fan trend with my Domestic Machine. I do not FMQ. (Not good sufficient yet for an actual cover). Everything I've.

Circle Templates

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After creating the Circle Templates, I wrote a 28 page, step by step, photo illustrated instruction handbook on the way to use the Longarm U Circle Templates, which I included with the purchase of the Circle Templates.

In the Instruction Manual I included many alternative circle quilting designs, including Eleven pages of instruction on the way to quilt the Baptist Fan design.

Then a captivating factor began to happen - I used to be getting requests for the Circles Template Instruction Manual from people who had circle templates (and not using a instructions) that have been manufactured by way of others!

To stay everybody happy, I re-wrote the Circles Instruction Manual to be extra "generic" so somebody, with ANY roughly circle template, can use it.

(In my opinion, if you happen to should not have detailed instructions on learn how to use ANY template, all of the template turns into is a dear piece of plastic!)

Quilting in Circles - The Book

I modified the title of the Instruction Manual to "Quilting in Circles" and it's now to be had to everybody!

This e-book contains 28 pages of step-by-step picture directions on tips on how to cover many circle designs together with -

Basic Circles Orange Peel, Pumpkin Seed, Overlapping Circles, Tea Cup      (all of the identical design, simply different names) Clam Shells with permutations Overlapping Circles Border Overlapping Concentric Circles Border Several Block Designs Baptist Fans - 11 pages of instructions on tips on how to create this wonderful, traditional trend. and Baptist Fan Borders, too!

Quilting in Circles Book Quilting in Circles - The DVD

A few years ago I began to make DVD's of many quilting ways, together with a DVD of the designs within the Quilting in Circles book.

This DVD will display you how you can quilt ALL the designs listed within the Quilting in Circles Book, plus a number of more!

Below are some photos of the category mission for this DVD.

Click at the pictures for a larger view and a slide show

Full view of the class venture quilt.

Included within the DVD is the piecing instructions for this duvet.

You can duvet along with Cindy Roth the usage of what ever circle templates you have to your studio!

Here are some of the many block designs in the DVD

Pumpkin Seed orTea Cup

Clam Shells withVariations

Ying Yang,Planets,Basic Circles


And here are probably the most border designs in the DVD.

Overlapping Circles Border

Overlapping Concentric Circles Border

Quilting in Circles - The DVD

Price includes transport!

Baptist Fans DVD

Baptist Fans, which can be interlocking quarter circles, are an outdated, conventional hand quilting design.

The Baptist Fans duvet design has been used on quilts courting back to ahead of the Civil War.

Why is that this design named Baptist Fans? There are two explanations that I know of.

Note: I attempted to do a short lived web look up on the history of this design and may just find little or no documented information. What I am writing is from what I have heard about this design from over the numerous years that I've been quilting.

One clarification is that, during the last 150 + years or extra, a cover could be made as a church fund raiser. At that point all quilting was hand completed and the duvet would be set up in a frame, normally in the (Baptist) church basement and the church women would work on the duvet. That is where the "Baptist" a part of the title came from.

The "fans" could be quilted and not using a pattern via positioning the quilter's elbow in the corner and sweeping the quilting hand in an arc form to make the outer "fan". The smaller enthusiasts could be labored the usage of a finger as a spacing tool.

My father's Mother, Grandma Minnie Craig, was an avid quilter, even when quilting wasn't cool. I remember her marking Baptist Fans on her quilts by means of tying a string round a pencil and making knots within the string at positive points.

She would then position a knot in the nook of the duvet, stretch out the string and transfer the pencil and draw an arc onto the fabric. Then she would place the next knot and draw any other arc. She would proceed this approach until the entire arc used to be marked, then move directly to the next arc. All her quilts have been hand quilted and I do have one or two of them.

Another explanation is that, ahead of the days of air conditioning, there would be cardboard lovers place in the pews of the church. When it might get heat, other people -mostly women - may fan themselves to chill off.

On a private word, I do remember as a kid going to church in Chicago throughout the summer time with no air con and seeing those fans. The lovers I have in mind were created from an overly heavy card stock / lightweight cardboard and had a curved best edge. There was once a religious picture on one facet and an advertisement for an area funeral house on the other facet! The best of the fan was curved and there have been also other curves at the backside of the fan. Maybe a quilter were given the theory to mix those curves for the Baptist Fan design.

No topic how the Baptist Fan pattern were given it is name, this is a wonderful pattern that give a ton of texture to a quilt.

The handiest method I have found to make "good" Baptist Fans is via the use of circle templates.

 Baptist fanatics aren't too arduous to stitch, however there are a few trips and tips on how to do this efficiently, all of which might be all coated in this DVD.

In the DVD I also show you many other Baptist Fan BORDER choices.

Many occasions I will duvet Baptist Fans within the borders and one thing else in the body of the duvet.

One extra note - I quilt for other folks. Any time I use templates on a buyer duvet I price extra! Sometimes, a LOT extra. When I duvet Baptist Fans on a buyer quilt, (think Civil War Reproduction materials) time and again my price will double or triple. Yes, you can fee MORE for this sort of quilting and YES, your customers will pay for it.

Here are some pictures of the Baptist Fans magnificence undertaking from this DVD

Click on any photograph for a bigger view and a slide display

To view other footage of Baptist Fan quilting Click Here

Full view of the category quilt

Close up of thebody of the cover

Close up of Baptist Fan border

Baptist Fans DVD

Price contains delivery!

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Quilting in Circles - The Book ANDQuilting in Circles - The DVD

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Quilting in Circles - The Book ANDQuilting in Circles - The DVD ANDBaptist Fans DVD

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Quilting in Circles DVD ANDBaptist Fans DVD

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