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Sep 15, 2013 - Since my wife and I no longer mountain bike like we used to 10-12 years in the past, and we're playing our new Electra cruisers so much, we made up our minds we'd...Convert your old mountain bike into more casual trip. Make it appear to be a cruiser or chopper bicycle. BicycleClothier® Bike Parts - Upgrade Your Bicycle - Price Competitive - International FOR: Lowriders, Cruisers, Choppers, Motorized, Remodel Mountain Bikes, Custom Builds.How to convert a mountain bike into a seashore cruiser. Be careful to check your whole dimensions (handlebar diameter, stem, fork before you purchase the whole thing)Stem R...Electrify Bike Company mean you can ride additional, sooner, and extra ceaselessly by including electric power to your pedal power. If you desire to Electrify Bike's best recommendation on ebike conversions click on right here to let us know about your bike and what sort of riding you prefer to do. To read up on it first, click on the "Conversion 101" button beneath.This Mid drive motor equipment is appropriate with fat-bikes, mountain motorcycles ,road bikes and so forth. This kit permits you to easily convert your pedal bike right into a motorized bike inside 1 hour. The motor is give up and powerful. The 750W is a brushless tools motor and torgue of 160N.M make it nice for velocity and mountain climbing.

Remodel Mountain Bikes For Cruising

Riders convert mountain bikes because it is their handiest bike or to take a look at their first GranFondo, road team journey, gravel-grinder or simply to shuttle. To make your mountain bike higher for driving at the street, you need to cut back the factors that make your bike suitable off-road: Suspension, tires, gearing and position.The Difference in Mountain and Cruiser Bicycles. Mountain motorcycles and cruisers share some similarities but for essentially the most phase are significantly other. They differ in price, convenience, performance and build, however each percentage an affection for wider tires and big frames. Mountain bikes will experience on pavement with cruisers,An e-bike conversion kit comes with the whole thing you want. All the hard electric paintings is already carried out and also you simply need to are compatible the equipment to your bike. This can be done via somebody with a few gear, somewhat of time, and preferably some earlier knowledge of bicycle mechanics. The Different Types of Electric Bike Conversion Kits. E-bike Wheels; Mid-driveHow to Choose a Mountain Bike to Convert into a Touring Bike. It is vital to start with a forged bike that is in first rate situation. Because those outdated mountain bikes are so plentiful and inexpensive, it's not actually worth the time or cash to purchase a beater and completely overhaul it. Look for one that is in good condition.

Remodel Mountain Bikes For Cruising

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You can not truly convert a racing bike to a convenience bike because of the body geometry, but you'll be able to take steps to make your racing bike considerably extra comfy. Tired of Discomfort The first step you'll take to make your road bike extra comfortable is to switch in some wider tires.I converted my previous 1994 titanium Merlin mountain bike right into a Beach Cruiser. Amazon Links to the items in video:Handlebars ( - Sunlite...Upgrades to Convert your current Bike into a Commuter bikeWhat is the best bike for commuting to paintings? The bike you already own! While there are motorcycles designed particularly for commuters, nearly any bike - from road bikes to mountain motorcycles - can be utilized to shuttle. Quick Navigation Upgrades to Make your current bike […]The perfect e-bike conversion kits turn your present bike right into a more robust model of its former self and can also be cheaper than purchasing an entirely new electrical mountain bike orAW front wheel conversion kit is the most efficient electrical bike conversion equipment that offers greater than its pay grade. It includes a in point of fact powerful 1000W brushless motor which will take you from 0 to 28 mph in just below 7 seconds. INSANE Right! The AW e-bike conversion package includes a 26-inch wheel with tire, along with that the equipment comprises:

Convert Any Bike to Electric with an Easy Front Wheel Motor Kit

Electric bicycles have been quietly taking the streets by means of storm in lots of parts of the world. Why? Because they’re a beautifully fun and efficient means to transfer around. You get all the joys and freedom of driving a bike (fending off traffic congestion and parking, for example) while smashing via bodily limits on your skill to climb hills and canopy nice distances.

Once you’ve got an electrical bicycle it’s easy to depart the auto parked in the driveway for all those brief and medium-length errands. The e-bike gets you there sooner, and with a 98% lower carbon footprint!

While there are lots of factory-made e-bikes these days, the movement was once actually pioneered and championed via a DIY maker neighborhood within the past due Nineteen Nineties and early 2000s who were electrifying their own motorcycles from scratch. You too can sign up for in this phenomenon with only a spare afternoon.

In this challenge we’ll display how to convert your own bike into an electric-assist bike, the usage of a fundamental front wheel hub motor kit. There are numerous options in the marketplace for entrance motors, rear motors, and mid-drive motors spanning all kinds of weights and tool levels, however we’ll focus on a low-power entrance power as it’s among the most simple to install and has the best chance of being suitable with any random bike in your garage.


Bicycle Just about any bike you might have lying around, whether it’s already a day-to-day commuter or a vintage beater amassing mud in the storage. Old mountain motorcycles are most often supreme platforms, however nearly any highway bike, seashore cruiser, or hybrid will paintings too.One benefit of a front hub motor is that it doesn’t matter what kind of gears or force chain you will have. The simplest essential detail is that the entrance fork has unusual slotted dropouts (no longer a modern high-end thru-axle system). Hub motor conversion package Many providers be offering conversion kits that most often include the motor, battery, and all electronic controls needed to run the gadget. We’re the usage of the G311 Front Minimal Ready-To-Roll package from my corporate Grin Technologies. The package includes a hub motor entrance wheel, battery pack, motor controller, torque arm, thumb lever throttle, and extra.


Disc rotor in case your bike has disc brakes on the front wheel. The motors use a 6-bolt ISO disc that’s readily available from bike shops. Bottle-bob clamps to secure the battery, in case your bike frame doesn’t have suitably positioned water bottle eyelets Display There are many choices for handlebar presentations if you want to view battery voltage, velocity, and all that. But for this set up we’re going to stay it minimalist.

Hub motor wheel is small and lightweight (5lbs) and runs a unconditionally silent helical gear device. It’s now not a power system for racing up hills, however it supplies enough spice up to transform your bike into something new whilst still feeling and dealing with like an ordinary bicycle and now not a scooter. This motor is already laced into a 700c rim, not unusual on street and hybrid bikes. Other sizes are to be had, together with 26″ for older mountain bikes and 27.5″ for more recent ones.

Battery pack We chose a 36V, 16.5Ah downtube battery pack as it’s mild and nonetheless has decent range, about 35–Forty miles on a fee. Larger batteries are to be had if you need to trip additional, but they’re proportionally heavier and costlier.

Motor controller The Baserunner motor controller in this machine is built into the mounting cradle of the battery pack. On different kits the controller could be built into the motor, or supplied as a separate field.

Torque arm secures the motor axle to prevent it from spinning inside the body. The motor itself has tabbed washers which do the process in many instances, however a right kind torque arm supplies further safety and is essential on weaker aluminum forks.

Throttle regulates the power you get from the motor. We’re using a thumb lever throttle since it’s most flexible, however there also are twist-grip throttles that act more like a bike grip.

Spiral wrap and zip ties dangle the motor extension cable and throttle wires comfortable towards the body and lend a hand the entire installation glance neat.


The following steps work the same for any abnormal bike. In this construct, one among our new staff at Grin Technologies (hi Stuart!) had a used hybrid bike that he wanted to convert so as to accelerate his travel.

You can watch a video of a an identical equipment installation first.

1. REMOVE THE FRONT WHEELThe first step is to flip your bike the other way up with it resting on the handlebars and take away the original front wheel, which will likely be both quick unencumber or threaded with nuts. If you will have rim brakes on the bike you’ll want to loosen the brake cable or deflate the tire to slide the wheel out from between the brake pads.

2. SWAP TIRE AND TUBE TO MOTOR WHEELUsing the tire lever, or an improvised lever, moderately pry off the unique tire out of your front wheel being conscious not to mash the inner tube inside.

Once the tire and tube are off, install them at the hub motor wheel by reversing that process. Anyone who has mounted a flat tire shall be familiar with this series, and it’s usually our baseline question on whether or not anyone has the relaxation level to install their very own equipment.

3. INSERT HUB MOTOR IN FORKHere’s the place issues can get a bit of challenging. The hub motor wheel will have to slide right into the fork dropouts if they have a 10mm opening, however every so often the dropout slot isn’t rather extensive enough. If that’s the case, use the hand record to magnify the slot till the axle simply fits.

Some kits use tabbed anti-rotation washers throughout the dropouts to keep the axle from spinning; if those are used it’s vital that they’re orientated with the tab pointing down. For this G311 kit, we’re changing the tabbed washing machine with a torque arm plate that gives much better spinout resistance.

When you put in the front motor, make certain the cable go out is circled to level downward and the disc mount is on the left aspect of the fork.

4. INSTALL THE TORQUE ARMThe torque arm is designed to screw into the fender eyelet hollow that is present on the majority of front forks. It’s held on with an M5 bolt, and a slotted channel lets in it to regulate to different geometries and hollow places in order that it lines up. For low-power motors like this, the torque arm isn’t all the time required nevertheless it’s a good protection measure to set up one regardless, even with metal forks.

5. TIGHTEN NUTS AND ADJUST BRAKESMake positive the motor axle nuts are somewhat tight, since there’s a lot of rotating torque at the axle. (We suggest a minimum of 40Nm or 30ft-lb if you’re in a position to measure.) At this point, the motor is installed on the bike. You can inflate the tire and turn the bike proper aspect up once more so it’s resting on the wheels.

Now make sure your front brakes are running again. If you have got rim brakes, you may want to alter the pad position to account for the width of the new rim. If you may have disk brakes and put in a disk rotor on the hub, then modify the caliper left or right so that it spins without rubbing.

6. MOUNT THE BATTERY CRADLEThe battery pack fits on the down tube of the bicycle, the place it locks into a cradle that’s held in place by the water bottle bolts. If your bike has mounting bosses (aka eyelets) for a water bottle cage which can be in the proper location you then’re set, just use the provided low-profile bolts so the head doesn’t protrude.

If your bike doesn’t have water bottle eyelets or they’re located too far again for the battery to fit, then you need to use the bottle-bob clamps. These connect securely to your body tubing with hose clamps and allow you to position the battery anyplace you prefer.

7. INSTALL THE HANDLEBAR THROTTLEIn order to have compatibility the thumb throttle on the handlebars you first need to remove the grips and occasionally the brake lever too. These grips have Allen screws for cinching to the handlebars; simply loosen the screws and slide them right off.

The thumb throttle may also be situated on both the left or proper aspect, and as it adds some further width you may want to loosen and reposition the shifter and brake levers so that they can be reached conveniently with out your hand feeling squished.

Slide the throttle into place and find a comfortable location for it and the brake lever and shifter, then tighten them up and slide the grip again on.

8. ROUTE THE CABLESAt this level, the entire key hardware is at the bike and it’s only a topic of plugging the parts in combination and securing the cable run. Route the throttle cable to practice one of the vital brake or shifter cables, using the spiral wrap tubing. It comes forward from the handlebar and then loops down alongside the down tube to the throttle plug at the motor controller.

On the entrance hub motor there’s an extension cable harness that links the motor to the motor controller. This cable runs up the side of the fork, held in place with cable ties, and then follows the down tube to the matching plug on the motor controller. Use cable ties as needed and snip off the offending pieces.

9. PREFLIGHT CHECKYou’re in a position to slide the battery into the cradle and opt for a rip! But prior to operating the system, all the time double-check these details:

The motor axle nuts are finished up nice and tight You’ve reattached your entrance brakes The front tire has been inflated The battery key lock is locked ON in order that the pack gained’t fall off when you hit a big bump.

With this finished, you will have to be in a position to flip the battery’s on/off button to the On place, see the controller LED glow secure pink, press the throttle, and watch your life about to be reworked because the youthful joy of riding a bike returns in glory. Grin away!


Your newly converted e-bike will simply cruise at 20mph on flat floor. It will go up modest hills (3%–6% grade) reasonably well, however will fight on really steep hill climbs until you provide a good quantity of leg continual to the equation. That mentioned, it’s still a lot more straightforward than no longer having the motor.

The basic throttle keep watch over permits you to resolve precisely how a lot power you need from the motor at any time. You can save the ability just for hills and headwinds, or use it all the time to take care of a quick average speed. It’s additionally conceivable to upload torque sensors or pedal sensors to the bike frame so that the motor engages routinely while you turn the cranks, but the ones usually require extra specialised bike equipment to install.


The range you'll get from a given e-bike battery is not any thriller, nevertheless it relies closely on how it’s used. Most other folks with a bike setup like this will likely eat about 15Wh/mile. That method a 500 watt-hour battery would have a range of 500 / 15 = 33 miles. Going up hills you’ll need more like 30–40Wh/mi, whilst downhills eat not anything, and it averages out rather consistent. If you don’t pedal at all, your average intake would be extra like 20–25Wh/mi, while when you use the motor more sparingly you'll be able to simply get down to 8–10Wh/mi and have nice range up to 50+ miles.

If you’re buying a kit and need an estimate on how a long way it'll pass on a price, it’s absolute best no longer to compare the claimed vary, but just look at the scale of the battery in watt-hours.

Visit and discover the Learn menu to find out why hub motors are superior, some great benefits of converting a bike over a factory e-bike, the historical past of the e-bike motion, and extra. And bounce into the e-bike group.

Got a different kind of bike or different wishes? Watch a video review of all the different e-bike conversions.

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