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One concern is how much more power can the engine take with it totally stock without destroying anything? lol Since i woud like to jump horsepower just a From what I've learn on XRU stock internals adequate as much as ~400 hp. After that you just will have to get started upgrading internals. Throw at the URD 2.eighty five pulley and...4l80e how much power can it handle in stock form behind a SB ? Is there any years that are higher than others ? The 4L80E in stock shape could be limited by it is direct clutches (3rd equipment) and that might be a section that might step by step fail at ~500 HP if raced regularly however ultimate years on the street at nearer...How much does it take and for how lengthy? You can build a 1000 hp monster to final 2 dyno pases. These posts are so freaking useless. No one is aware of how long a utterly stock engine will last.How much hp can a stock 4L60E handle, it is going to be utilized in my boulevard cruiser 400 hp seventy nine regal. The stock pump in the trans may just now not take care of the calls for of the ones high rpm's and didn't push sufficient tranny fluid....a 383 and was wondering how much my 700r4 can take so far as torqu and HP? I'd say that a bone stock 700R4 can handle a bone stock TPI 305 for 100K Maybe that is simply the way in which a stock tranny reacts to so much torque.

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A 4L80-E can handle more torque than a 4L60-E. The "E" denotes electronically controlled shifting. The 4L60 on the other hand is hydraulically shifted based on governor power and TV cable position. For single section the components is HP = I x E x %eff. x pf/746.can that handle 650+whp? our motors are 2 bolt primary stock proper?? so he would just have to buy the 4 bolt mains and drill 2 extra holes?? you'll be able to be surpised at how much a 4.3 can handle. it can handle 650hp so long as you recognize what you are doing, and don't be reasonable about it. get simplest the most productive if...Jan 19, 2008. hOw muCh hP cAn tHe nEw bOss 302 blOck hanDle? Regional Forums and Event Information. How much hp will a stock 5.0 block handle. Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech. Suspension How much should I lower an 86 with 96-2004 SN95 spindles and P245/60R/17 tires?try searching there's 30 years of information on this. but basically, the NA trans is just capable of keeping the stock NA power output - my authentic trans grenaded the diff while coasting at 70mph on a lengthy freeway shuttle, drove high-quality for 60 miles and then...

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Hi all, I used to be curious how much power can the stock block handle? Then do you assume the stock block could handle more than 650hp and 600lbs of torque?the stock mr2 block untouched can handle upward of 400+whp, if tuned appropriately with a aem ems, and different mods, without a mods finished to cams or internals i believe MRQturbo i feel the max i would pass on stock internals is 300 horse, although more were possible, reliability is infrequently higher or just as...VwBoy2.0L said: Hello how much hp can a stock 1.8T block grasp with stock internals? The reason I ask is as a result of I haven't made up my mind to go with the Big I guess you additionally notice that sooner than upgrading your turbo there are more things to consider than simply "can my motor handle it", you also...SLEEPER 1000HP Cummins SHOCKS 800HP Supra + 650HP GTR! DURTYMAX JACK.will a stock 4l60e handle a 305? i got the engine out of a 96 chevy truck and the transmission out of a 2000 chevy blazer i know the bell housing will bolt up however will a 305 be too much for The 305 torque capacity should be inside the specifications for a 4L60E, until you build a in point of fact out-of-the-box-wild 305 combo.

4L60E Transmission Mods You Can Count On

It is every automotive lover’s dream for his or her car to be rapid, optimally use gas, and be offering a suitable stage of functionality. One way every of those can be made possible is through easy 4L60E performance transmission upgrades.

Now, the automated transmission has come a good distance as a result of, for just about Forty years, automotive manufacturers have had their justifiable share of trouble while looking to design the best gas financial system engine. Their attempts are evident in using a computer-operated carburetors or even an electronic throttle frame gasoline injection in a bid to slow down gasoline intake.

These apart, there are 4L60E mods that can make your automobile the dream journey you’ve envisioned and for this reason we’ve defined some upgrades which you can surely rely on to construct a performance automotive with the toughest transmission.

History of the 4L60E Transmission

Before the appearance of the 4L60E transmission, automobile manufacturers had a bone of contention while striving to bring about a car’s fuel economy.

General Motors, for example, devised the Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4 overdrive automatic transmission in 1982 as an improve to the TH350 three-speed automated.

The 700R4 used to be slightly distinctive compared to earlier fashions that have been designed through the company. This is as a result of its shift modulation was once carried out with the usage of a device known as the throttle valve (TV) cable.

While the TV cable was able to modulate shift programming the usage of throttle place and vehicle speed, it was once still unable to bring about a very best steadiness between gasoline economic system, driveability, and longevity.

Another problem that used to be posed, is irregularities within the line power and timing when a automotive owner improperly adjusts the TV cable. The latter may just doubtlessly result in the 700R4 transmission being burnt.

Years later, the 700R4 was once appended to 4L60 the place the “4” denotes “four-speed”, “L” for “longitudinal set up,” and “6” for “light-to-medium-duty use and 6,000-pounds gross car weight.” Despite this, the problem of shift programming which was once evident in the 700R4 additionally reared its ugly head within the 4L60.

This ended in the development of 4L60E, a computer-controlled transmission that is nonetheless based on the 700R4. The new 4L60E featured a powertrain regulate module (PCM) which is able to control shifts the usage of the feedback equipped by the throttle position sensor (TPS), automobile speed sensor (VSS), and other sensors.

Today, you can to find the 4L60E transmissions in GM automobiles similar to:

Chevy CamaroChevy SilveradoCadillac EscaladePontiac Trans Am

Now that’s out of the way, let’s show you a step by step 4L60E transmission rebuild.

4L60E Mods for Performance Enthusiasts

There are several 4L60E mods you can count on as a functionality fanatic, but no matter how tempting it may be to do it yourself, you want to be sure that you might be a transmission builder who has garnered a lot of enjoy.

If that isn’t feasible, you then’re at an advantage letting a mechanic do the be just right for you. Accordingly, highlighted below are some of functionality upgrades for better torque skill which you can try out.

Keep in mind that the objective is to extend the torque capacity to handle 400-500 horsepower. Now, let’s dive in:

Lay out the essential portions on an meeting bench.As a rule, all the time lay out the high-performance portions on an assembly bench as a way to ensure that you do not fail to notice the parts which are in dire need of enhancement. You can then proceed to thoroughly clean, check out, and paint the transmission core.Rebuild with an improved, thicker sun shell.4L60E has a weakness and that is the factory solar reaction shell the place it breaks across the hub and will, therefore, not stand the take a look at of time. On the other hand, 4L60E builds carried out with a thicker solar shell that is more potent can save you failure.Use five-pinion front/rear planetary.An OEM five-pinion front/rear planet will help to extend the torque means and distribute the torque across a better mechanical surface house. It may even permit your 4L60E transmission to handle 400-500 horsepower which is equivalent to a 20 p.c build up in torque means. There’s also the order of 6,500-7,000-pound gross weight it can lend a hand your machine reach. To that impact, use the five-pinion entrance planet as well as a ring tools as a substitute of the original four-pinion entrance/rear planetary.Use a better snatch with an input drum reinforcement sleeve.In this case, you can try out a higher 3-Four take hold of overrun clutch apply piston while additionally using a reinforcement sleeve. The result's larger steadiness and hydraulic preserving power. Keep in mind that steadiness and smoothness are also made up our minds by way of having less friction and as such, consideration needs to be given to the Teflon-impregnated stator strengthen bushing.Stamped Steel forward snatch observe pistons.You give you the option of settling for a forward take hold of practice pistons that are fabricated from metal or cast piece. When either is in comparison, one with a stamped steel is the better choice as a result of it's much less at risk of failure while in use. Thus, it must be what you’re out to get whilst construction your 4L60E transmission.Use extra clutches and larger equipment band servo pistons.For a better band-apply means of around 18 %, use larger gear band servo pistons. There’s also the wish to use seven clutches (3-4 clutches/drum) together with the Raybestos ahead, reverse enter clutches, and overrun. A Raybestos ZPak 3-Four clutch pack, as an example, features materials that scale back friction and as such, help to dissipate heat.4L60E Trio collection enter shafts.Another simple 4L60E mod is using a trio 4L60E series input shaft to be able to give a boost to the transmission’s toughness. These enter shafts come with the stock 4L60E input shaft, a  heavy-duty 4L60E input shaft (4L75E), and a hardened 4L60E enter shaft.Use a high-volume 13-element pump.You can also improve your 4L60E to a high-volume 13-element (vane) pump which can handle drive and quantity.Inspect Transmission cushy and tough parts.There’s additionally a want to check up on and improve the transmission’s cushy and hard parts because the case is also. For the soft parts, this may include clutches, seals, bushings, amongst others.Use an Anti-chatter spring.You may have gotten a five-pinion rear planet and Raybestos high-performance clutches put in at the 4L60E construct, however you can take it one step additional. But this time around, it’s with using an anti-chatter spring.Resurface grasp drums.Another considered necessary step on your want for extra power is to resurface snatch drums to be able to provide higher band engagement.Load reverse enter snatch drum with Raybestos high-performance take hold of frictions.In a bid to get rid of grasp slippage and over the top warmth that might kill the automatic transmission, you can load the reverse input seize drum with Raybestos high-performance seize frictions. Raybestos high-performance frictions are recognized to offer a firmer grip and without slippage. Nonetheless, it's still customary to have some quantity of grasp slippage but when excessive, it requires it to be checked in order not to shorten transmission existence. This is because snatch slippage in itself is the greatest generator of heat.Use Teflon sealing rings.Instead of relying on the standard iron sealing rings that do not remaining, you can benefit from Teflon sealing rings. However, Teflon sealing rings are tougher to put in despite the fact that they're harder and don't destroy like iron.Load the opposite input drum onto the enter drum.Proceed to load the opposite input drum onto the input drum which has already been fitted with a hardened input shaft.Install the Raybestos Pro Series band.As one of the ultimate approaches to the 4L60E modification, install the Raybestos Pro Series band and tie it to the servo. You also need to make certain that it has been correctly adjusted.Install the 13-element high-capacity front pump.Right prior to installing the torque converter, install the 13-element high-capacity entrance pump. For the torque converter’s installment, you will need to confirm the stall speed and the place the engine’s curve starts in an effort to get the most productive performance.

The Reward That Keeps on Rewarding

The 4L60E mods we've defined above can ensure that whether you are a builder or a automobile fanatic with some degree of revel in, you can build up the horsepower and torque capacity of your car.

The outcome can be rather rewarding ranging from a upper level of functionality, and reduction in gasoline intake. If you need a extra rapid ride, then these 4L60E transmission mods will surely suffice.

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