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"CBS This Morning" co-anchor Gayle King took to Twitter to whinge about the way in which CBS News excerpted her recent interview with former WNBA player Lisa Leslie about basketball great Kobe Bryant - aGayle King (born December 28, 1954) is an American television personality, author and broadcast journalist for CBS News, co-hosting its flagship morning program, CBS This Morning, a position she has held since its debut in 2012. She could also be an editor-at-large for O, The Oprah Magazine.. King used to be named one in every of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2019.Gayle King's critical CBS colleagues had so much to say about her recent yacht jaunt with former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama in Tahiti, and it wasn't certain. "The 'Capital JGayle King's CBS co-workers had numerous things to say about her contemporary holiday in Tahiti with the Obamas. The 62-year-old journalist was noticed stress-free on billionaire David Geffen's yacht with...The latest tweets from @gayleking

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Getty Images Gayle King shared her dating deal-breakers all the way through her visitor co-hosting stint on The Talk. Bad teeth and smoking were among her deal-breakers, while tattoos and piercings was at the record, "but I've evolved".You know Jim, that is a horny excellent query. I checked out Gayle on TV jus this morning. The explanation why I say this is, given fashionable wigs, extensions, weaves and different such creations, and the way far they have include current era (and talent in both...8,026 Likes, 454 Comments - Gayle King (@gayleking) on Instagram: "@oprahmagazine team glad to see me yesterday cuz I brought THEE chicken sandwich..just before…"Credit: Gayle King/Instagram If you stuck Gayle King on CBS This Morning lately, you could have admired the host's daring and spring-y combine of colors or her trendy glasses frames.

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A popular tattoo among Gen Z Tiktok customers has come below fire for taking a look like the "Wolfsangel' Nazi symbol. Gayle King of CBS News discovered herself within the social... 3. View Slideshow. BackGayle and 50 adored every different. Soon after the interview, Gayle showed off a faux 50 Cent tattoo. Gayle King 50 Cent Tattoo While Gayle's 50 Cent tattoo was obviously a funny story, her new ink could be the true deal.A Tattoo Of 50 Cent On The Arm Of The Famous Gayle King Why ? by way of danny212: 7:27am On Oct 31, 2011 Gayle King is best-known for being pals with Oprah Winfrey. But one particular person that you by no means rather idea would be within the mixture of that infamous friendship is the rapper 50 Cent.Rooney Mara, the megastar of the smash hit movie, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," talks to Charlie Rose and Gayle King about her step forward efficiency.Gayle King Gets Tattoo Of 50 Cent As He Reveals He 'Loves' Her Oprah Winfrey's easiest pal Gayle King has grow to be Hollywood's latest cougar after she published a tattoo of fifty Cent on her arm. The rapper then confessed his emotions for Gayle announcing that he "loves" her.

FKA twigs shuts down Gayle King after she asks her why she didn't walk out on Shia LaBeouf

FKA twigs shut down Gayle King over a sensitive question she requested amid their recent interview on CBS This Morning on Thursday, as to why she did not depart Shia LaBeouf amid their allegedly abusive relationship.

The singer, 33, has accused Shia, 34, of physically assaulting her, sexual battery and infliction of emotional misery in a felony motion she filed in LA Superior Court ultimate December, and he has denied abuse claims. 

King, 66, asked FKA twigs, whose actual title Tahliah Debrett Barnett, 'Nobody who’s been on this position likes this question, and I often wonder if it’s even suitable to ask … why didn’t you allow?'

The newest: FKA twigs, 33, close down Gayle King, 66, over a delicate query she asked amid their recent interview on CBS This Morning, as to why she didn't leave Shia LaBeouf amid their allegedly abusive dating

'I believe we need to prevent asking that question,' FKA twigs advised King in response to the question, bringing up the difficult dynamics of being in an abusive courting.

She instructed the host, 'I know that you simply’re asking it out of affection, however like, I’m simply going to make a stance and say I’m no longer going to reply to that question anymore because the query must really be to the abuser, "Why are you holding someone hostage with abuse?"

'People say, "Oh, it can’t have been that bad, because she would’ve left." And it’s like no, as it used to be that bad, I couldn’t depart.'

In the interview, FKA said that her ex-boyfriend LaBeouf's apology over her abuse claims is a type of 'gaslighting' and the conflicting nature of it reminds her of his conduct during their courting. 

The artist famous, 'People say, "Oh, it can’t have been that bad, because she would’ve left." And it’s like no, as it was once that dangerous, I couldn’t depart'

In her first TV intv, @FKATwigs is opening up about her former courting with Shia LaBeouf.

She accuses him of sexual battery, assault & inflicting emotional misery — allegations he denies.

Twigs told @GayleKing she's sharing her tale to let others know they're now not by myself.

— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) February 18, 2021

His facet: The actor has 'denied each and every' assault allegation by means of the artist - and needs her to pay his prison costs after she blamed him for 'relentless abuse' (pictured in 2019)

FKA advised Gayle King: 'I think it jogs my memory of some of the gaslighting I experienced when I used to be with him. The taking one of the crucial blame, however not all of it after which denying it. 

She additionally stated: 'Abusers use gaslighting, which is the place somebody minimises your enjoy and alters your narrative and [doesn't concentrate] to you and denying your experience. 

'Eventually it did turn out to be physical,' she added. There had been positive circumstances where he would push me and say "you fell". And I would get in reality puzzled and think maybe I did.'

She additionally broke down in tears as she claimed Shia will have killed them both when he threatened to crash the automobile around Valentine’s Day 2019 throughout a 'tense' trip to a spa in Palm Springs. 

FKA claimed that he was 'speeding down the motorway and announcing that if I said I didn’t love him and if I was going to leave him, he would destroy the automobile to the facet of a wall.

'I believed "Wow, he needs so much control over me that he would kill us both." 

'And in the end, he pulled over to a fuel station and I tried to unload my luggage from the car and there were 3 males opposite the car and I consider thinking "This is it, I’m done, I can’t do this anymore."'

'It was once a nightmare': FKA told Gayle King on Thursday that Shia can have ‘killed them both’ as he threatened to crash the auto following a 'aggravating' shuttle to a spa in Palm Springs in 2019 

FKA stated on Thursday: 'I think it strikes a chord in my memory of one of the crucial gaslighting I skilled when I used to be with him. The taking some of the blame, but not it all and then denying it'

She claimed he 'picked her up, threw her against the car, and began strangling her. FKA instructed King: 'That’s when I realised I would like assist to get out of this dating.' 

Gayle requested: 'What did the lads on the fuel station do?' 

She replied: 'They did not anything. They just watched us and I felt so on my own. That's why I wanted to come back ahead. Victims and survivors would not have to really feel by myself.' 

FKA continued: 'After that weekend and going again to where I used to be staying, I looked at myself in the reflect and one side of me was, like, completely black. And I used to be so shocked, you already know?'

'So I’ve gone again to where I was staying, and the entire one aspect of my frame is black and blue.

'I have in mind thinking, you recognize, I’m a dancer and I really love my frame, and I take such excellent care of it.

'And I used to be having a look at my body and I just concept, "Where did it all go wrong? How am I here?" I never noticed this for my existence.'

FKA stated that at this point, she referred to as a helpline for domestic abuse victims.

Shia's legal professional has said in a courtroom submitting that the Honey Boy actor 'denies most often and specifically every allegation' in FKA's complaint. 

Shia has apologised to 'those he had harm' but has 'denied each and every' assault allegation via the singer and needs her to pay his criminal prices. 

According to criminal documents acquired by way of People, Shia denies that [Barnett] has sustained any injury or loss by way of reason why of any act or omission on the a part of [LaBeouf], and denies that [Barnett] is entitled to any aid or damages whatsoever'. 

His lawyers added that 'none of the acts alleged have been in line with intercourse and/or the conduct was once not sexual' as they are trying to get the sexual battery allegations pushed aside. 

Legal drama: The singer, 33, has accused the screen star, 34, of physically assaulting her, sexual battery and infliction of emotional distress last December (pictured in 2018)

The actor additionally told The New York Times 'many' of the allegations were not true, and that he has 'no excuses for my alcoholism or aggression, most effective rationalizations. 

He apologised however handiest in part, announcing: 'I have been abusive to myself and everybody around me for years. I've a historical past of injuring the people closest to me. I'm ashamed of that history and am sorry to those I hurt. There is not anything else I will truly say.'

Shia LaBeouf responds to allegations: 

'I owe those women the chance to air their statements publicly and accept duty for the ones factor I have carried out. As anyone in recovery, I have to stand nearly day-to-day reminders of items I did say and do when I used to be drinking.

'It has at all times been easy for me to accept responsibility when my behavior reflects poorly on myself, however it is much more difficult to just accept the data that I can have brought about great ache to others. I will't rewrite historical past. I can best settle for it and paintings to be better one day. I write this as a sober member of a twelve-step program and in remedy for my many failings. 

'I'm really not cured of my PTSD and alcoholism, but I'm committed to doing what I wish to do to recuperate, and I will endlessly be sorry to the people that I may have harmed along the way in which.' 


The filmmaker also stated that he owed the women 'the opportunity to air their statements publicly and settle for responsibility for those issues I have performed,' according to NYT.  

Shia added that he was once currently in treatment and in a 12-step program, even if he's 'not cured of my PTSD and alcoholism.'  

Reflecting on their 'nightmare' dating, FKA claimed her former spouse would drive her to 'sleep bare' and called her 'disgusting and vile' in a candid chat with King.  

The singer - who dated the stricken actor from September 2018 till June 2019 - stated: 'He would frequently get started a controversy with me in the course of the night. He would get started accusing me of doing all types of things, planning to leave him in my head. 

'That I used to be disgusting and vile. Nothing was once ever true but I might actually doubt myself, especially when I would wake up, and he would be like ''You had been mendacity there with your eyes open, making plans to leave me.'' And I might be like ''I was literally asleep.'' 

'He would handiest want me to sleep bare because he mentioned if I didn't, I was holding myself from him.' 

The songstress alleged he abused his power after they dated as she added: 'It's this tactic that a lot of abusers use.

'It's just this constant availability and everything's targeted round them and I believe, that's why I sought after to return out and talk about this because the signs actually are from the start.'

The songwriter additionally claimed there wasn't 'one set moment' when she noticed his behaviour, mentioning: 'It's very subtle. That's the article about, you recognize, home abuse, domestic violence.

It's over: The filmmaker has since break up from female friend Margaret Qualley, 26, with assets pronouncing the actress used to be conscious about the 'backlash' she won for dating him (pictured final yr)

'It's a real sluggish step-by-step process to get someone to a spot where they lose themselves so much that they settle for or really feel like they need to be treated in that way.

'It's now not one thing, it's a lot of tiny little things that get sewn in combination right into a nightmare.' 

MailOnline has contacted Shia's representatives for further remark. 

The TV and movie megastar has since cut up from girlfriend Margaret Qualley, 26, with assets saying the actress was conscious about the 'backlash' she won for courting him. 

In her lawsuit, first got by means of The New York Times, the British actress claimed he knowingly gave her a sexually transmitted illness right through their yr long courting.

The exes started dating in 2018 after she was cast in his film Honey Boy they usually cut up in spring 2019, with the singer saying she discovered the courage to leave him with the help of a therapist. 

In the courtroom documents, FKA alleged that he had a gun next to his bedside whilst they slept, and she feared he would shoot her if she went to the bathroom considering she was an interloper.

'I believed to myself, "If he shoots me, and then if there is some sort of investigation, they will put the pieces together. I need to leave little clues,"' she instructed Elle this month.

The paperwork also integrated s an allegation that he squeezed her arm 'to the point of bruising' and 'violently' grabbed her when she attempted to transport out.

She also alleged he threw her towards his automobile at a fuel station and berated her in public. 

'What I went thru with Shia used to be the worst thing I've ever been thru in the entire of my life,' she stated to The New York Times. 'I do not believe other folks would ever assume that it might happen to me. But I feel that is the thing. It can happen to any one.' 

Most just lately, she also instructed Elle that may 'shamelessly brag' about shooting stray dogs, claiming it helped him 'get into personality' for his function within the 2020 film The Tax Collector.

FKA faced him about it, however Shia managed to turn her into the villain — a classic abuser tactic.

Backlash: After information of the suit emerged, a number of different former companions of LaBeouf stepped forward to accuse him of quite a lot of kinds of abuse (his ex Sia pictured) 

'I mentioned to him, "That’s really bad. Why are you doing that?"' she recalled.

'And he was once like, "Because I take my art seriously. You’re not supporting me in my art. This is what I do. It’s different from singing. I don’t just get up on a stage and do a few moves. I’m in the character." 

'He made me really feel bad, like I didn’t understand what it used to be love to be an actor or to do that...Method [performing technique],' she said. 

The media character recently 'parted ways' along with his agent while receiving care at a residential remedy facility. 

It's understood that he has ceased running with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), whilst he receives healing care at an unspecified remedy facility in the United States. 

Insiders instructed Variety that CAA have not been working with him for round a month but they haven't fired him. 

Instead, Shia made the verdict to step away from his career so he has the time and space to get assist.

The Transformers superstar is alleged to have been receiving remedy for over five weeks and his free up from the unnamed facility relies on his recovery.

It is unclear what explicit remedy the Transformers megastar is receiving however he has in the past been in rehab for alcoholism. 

His legal professional up to now admitted he 'desperately' had to undergo remedy. Shawn Holley said in December: 'Shia wishes help and he is aware of that. 

'We are actively in the hunt for the type of significant, in depth, long-term inpatient remedy that he desperately needs.'

After information of the swimsuit emerged, quite a few his former companions stepped ahead to accuse him of various forms of abuse. 

Singer Sia said he 'conned' her into an adulterous relationship with him, calling him a 'pathological liar'. He had in the past starred in her track video for the song Elastic Heart in 2015.

Brief romance: The pair dated for lower than a yr earlier than parting ways in June 2019 (pictured that 12 months) 

Songwriter Katy Rose has also alleged that he 'groped' her 'violently' at a celebration within the Hollywood Hills once and stylist Karolyn Pho joined Twigs' lawsuit.

Pho, a stylist, alleged in the go well with that Shia 'drunkenly pinned her to a mattress and head-butted her, sufficient that she bled.'

Questions additionally arose round his surprising departure from Olivia Wilde's coming near near movie, Don't Worry Darling.

Shia were picked for a role but left the challenge prior to it all started shooting and has been replaced by way of Harry Styles. 

UK readers: Call the 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Freephone Helpline on 0808 2000 247 or visit

US readers: Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline on 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) or talk over with

Background: The former couple had been first romantically linked in September 2018 (pictured in combination in 2018)

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