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Hyundai Sonata Alternator - Guaranteed Genuine Hyundai Parts

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Hyundai Sonata Alternator - Guaranteed Genuine Hyundai Parts

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2011 Hyundai Sonata Alternator Inside of the alternator, wires are circled via a magnetic box by the crankshaft to transform rotational energy into electrical current. When it is time for a new 2011 Sonata alternator, come to AutoZone.Search from over 10 Million Auto Parts. Save Up To 80% Off Retail Prices, Buy Discount Auto Parts Parts Here!Your Hyundai Sonata shall be satisfied to know that the search for the fitting Alternator products you've gotten been looking for is over! Advance Auto Parts has sixty five different Alternator to your vehicle, ready for delivery or in-store select up.Buy a 2011 Hyundai Sonata Alternator at cut price prices. Choose high quality brands API, BBB Industries, CARQUEST, DIY Solutions, Denso, Mando, OE Supplier, OE+, PureDear pals this video is ready auto electrition work and this is a video of alternator of Hyundai Sonata, each electrition if change alternator of Hyunda...

Hyundai Sonata: Bad Alternator → Symptoms & Diagnosis

A nasty alternator can go away your Hyundai Sonata without power and not able to transport.  Alternators don’t always pass dangerous in the very same way.  We’ll duvet the indicators of when an alternator goes unhealthy, and how you can diagnose a foul one (which is actually lovely easy).

How Your Sonata’s Alternator Works

The alternator’s task to your Sonata is to offer electrical energy as it's running.  The battery stores sufficient voltage so to start the engine with out the assistance of an alternator.  

It is turned by way of a serpentine belt.  It’s worth noting that a bad serpentine belt can cause the alternator to stop charging effectively.  It’s lovely easy to inform if one is dangerous.  It’ll look dry rotted. If it’s been slipping a lot it’ll have a shiny shine to it.  You’ll have almost certainly heard it squeal while you get started the engine.  They typically don’t fail quietly.

Symptoms of a Bad Alternator:  Hyundai Sonata

Most of the time, when changing an alternator, the alternator itself is reasonably inexpensive.  It’s the labor that makes the process pricey.  Here are the commonest symptoms of a bad alternator in a Hyundai Sonata:

A standard alternatorBattery Light

The battery light is designed to let you know that there is now not enough voltage to correctly rate the battery, or that the battery itself isn't protecting the right kind voltage.

In uncommon events the provider engine quickly gentle might light up.  Also, some vehicles have an “alt” gentle that in particular tells you there is a downside with the charging system, and now not the battery itself.

Dead Battery

Outside of the battery caution light, a lifeless battery is the commonest symptom of a foul alternator.  As the alternator can now not supply your Sonata with an good enough energy supply, it's going to start to feed off of the reserve within the battery.  

Once this battery reserve hits a undeniable degree, the vehicle will begin to run inconsistently and can no longer get started when the secret is became.

Often, the battery gentle will come on, the alternator gets replaced, after which a few days later the car dies.  That’s why it’s important to test the battery earlier than you just replace it.  Nearly any auto parts store will test your battery for free to see if it holds a rate.  The procedure can infrequently take an hour or so, but it surely’s worth it to grasp ahead of throwing cash into a battery that you don't want.

Stalling Engine

As described above, a nasty alternator will drain your Sonata’s battery speedy.  When the battery will get so lifeless it's going to now not be capable to energy your Sonata’s ignition device.  As the ignition machine is no longer able to produce a full powered spark, the engine will start to sputter and stall.

If you end up in a position where you suspect that your voltage is dropping, but you need to securely get off the highway, flip off the entirety that you just in all probability can.  Kill the radio, sunlight hours operating lighting fixtures, air-con, heated seats, EVERYTHING.  That will permit the entire restricted voltage within the battery to go to the ignition machine.

Bearing Noises

If your Sonata’s alternator begins to have bearings that fail, it’ll begin to make some very obnoxious noises.  If the serpentine belt has long past unhealthy, it will probably make some noises too, however it received’t sound metal like the bearings going dangerous would.

Dim headlights

Dimming headlights are one of the common indicators of a bad alternator within the Hyundai Sonata.  Dim headlights point out that the alternator can’t keep up with the power request for the lighting fixtures.  As your Sonata starts to devour in the course of the voltage saved within the battery, the headlights will begin to fade.

Electric Accessory Issues

Many equipment in a automobile require reasonably a bit of voltage.  Heated seats, the blower motor, energy windows, and even the radio will paintings inconsistently or now not paintings in any respect when the alternator is unhealthy.

Hyundai Sonata Bad Alternator Diagnosis

Some alternators pass bad straight away, and some slowly lose their ability to charge under heavy so much.  The ones that fail totally are easy to diagnose.  The battery drains and you are stuck with a vehicle that is going nowhere.  

The challenge is diagnosing an alternator that is just now not slightly charging like it must be.  You can easily diagnose it with almost any multimeter.  Here’s what to do.

A multi-meter is top-of-the-line device for diagnosing a nasty alternatorGet a multimeter.  They are cheap (you can get a good one for ), and you'll get them virtually anyplace.   Set it to learn voltage. Specifically, you’ll need to set it to 20V DC. With your Sonata grew to become off, you’ll attach the unfavourable side of the meter to the detrimental battery submit or twine.  You’ll then touch the positive facet of the voltmeter to the sure battery twine.  With the engine off, you must get a reading someplace between 12.Zero volts and 12.6 volts. Now that you've this baseline, it’s time to turn the engine on.  Let’s cross forward and go away the air conditioner off, in addition to the headlights and every other accessories. With the engine simply fired up,  you will have to get over 14.2 volts.  If you were given 14.2 or extra volts, the alternator is charging effective.  If it’s still appearing within the 12’s, it’s time to switch the alternator.  If it’s generating a voltage degree within the 13’s, cross ahead and take it into a parts store and have it tested.  It’s most probably unhealthy. Now, assuming that the alternator was producing over 14 volts, go ahead and switch on the headlights, air conditioner, radio, and some other accent you can bring to mind, and run the similar take a look at everywhere once more.  If the voltage dropped back into the 12’s, it’s an overly strong indication that the alternator is bad.  It’s nonetheless worth having it examined, but be prepared to switch it.

Another check you'll be able to do this’s not nearly as clinical is to turn the headlights on and then start the engine.  They will have to get brighter after the engine starts, since the voltage is expanding by means of virtually 2 volts.  

Now with the engine idling, rev it up slightly bit.  Did the headlights get brighter as you increase the RPM?  This is a very robust indication that the alternator has if truth be told gone unhealthy.

This take a look at depends a lot on you to notice very refined variations in lighting fixtures.  It should not be utilized in substitute for checking the voltage as described at once above.


Over the lifetime of any vehicle, the alternator goes to move dangerous.  Good luck diagnosing the alternator for your Sonata.  If there may be the rest that you would like to add, please leave a remark under.

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