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See more 'Steven Universe' photographs on Know Your Meme!Gregory "Greg" Universe (born Gregory DeMayo) is the father of Steven Universe and used to be the romantic spouse of the now-deceased Rose Quartz.He is the present owner of It's a Wash.. Greg struggled financially for many, if now not all, of his grownup life. However, in "Drop Beat Dad" he is awarded a royalty check and turns into a millionaire.Greg later uses probably the most cash to move on a go back and forth with StevenRedesigns Steven and Connie for 2019 for my next gen au of Steven Universe (Teen Steven was once realeved, so i give him a short hair with a pony tail and the blue shirt from the poster) Name: Steven Quartz (Diamond) Universe Species:Jul 31, 2018 - 2,832 Likes, 55 Comments - 🍂 Axcell 🍃 (@nowakyy) on Instagram: "Sophia and Connie~ two girls with short hair!! I'm still trying the SU style, and i can't wait for…"A skin primarily based off Connie's look within the recent Steven Universe episodes, Sporting a brand new short hairstyle.

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Stevonnie is taller than Amethyst and Pearl but is a few inches shorter than Garnet. They have a mean/athletic construct consisting of Connie's slender determine with Steven's chubby and stocky features, curly black hair that reaches to their thighs, and a complexion moderately darker than Steven's.Connie Maheswaran is likely one of the supporting protagonists of the showSteven Universe. Steven turns into her first buddy in "Bubble Buddies" and appears to have a weigh down on her. They are lately dating, even though they do nearly kiss in "An Indirect Kiss". She is also taking sword combating courses as of the events of "Sworn to the Sword". As of "Rocknaldo", she is officially a member of the CrystalConnie is a tender Indian-American girl with dark brown pores and skin and a narrow figure, and is moderately taller than Steven. She has a prominent nose with black eyes with thick eyebrows and has dark brown puffy hair that varies in length. From her debut to " Dewey Wins ", Connie's hair used to be waist-length.A choice of oneshots following Steven and Connie as they fall in love. // "May I have this dance?" Steven and Connie move to the school dance. I do not own Steven Universe. when she flipped back her hair to get it in the back of her. Her hair hit his face, and he let loose a snort in protest. Her hair tickled his ear and neck.

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Aug 20, 2019 - connie steven universe | connie short hair | connie blushed | connie satisfiedMini overview of what happened between Connie and Steven in the new episodes of season 5. GIVEAWAY VIDEO: LINK: https://gl...My two theories for this, is either 1), there'll be a sequence of time skips and jumps between her furture appearences, and we'll slowly but for sure see her hair grow again little by little, or 2), there will be a filler episode that specializes in this, like maybe Connie misses her old hair length and elegance (as many long-haired women who undergo thisThe no 1 subreddit for Steven Universe. Come and obsess over gay house rocks with us. User account menu. 199. Short hair Connie I drew! Fanart. Close. 199. Posted via. i were given yo number. 3 years ago. Archived. Short hair Connie I drew! Fanart. 8 feedback. percentage. save. hide. record. 98% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New feedback can notShort-hair Connie and Rose Quartz | Steven Universe. Short-hair Connie and Rose Quartz | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme. Article via Angie. 4. People also love these concepts

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I really like how you consider in everyone. You caught for your ideas, and I'm proud of you. I mean, everybody can trade, however now not everyone needs to.

” —"Bluebird" Click right here to look more of Greg Universe's quotes.

Greg Universe

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Relative(s) First Appearance Music Theme Voice Actor Gregory "Greg" Universe (born Gregory DeMayo) is the daddy of Steven Universe and was once the romantic spouse of the now-deceased Rose Quartz. He is the present proprietor of It's a Wash.

Greg struggled financially for many, if not all, of his adult existence. However, in "Drop Beat Dad" he's awarded a royalty check and becomes a millionaire. Greg later uses one of the money to go on a commute with Steven and Pearl, the place he and Pearl in the end make peace with one any other after having a strained courting for many years. As Steven was more occupied with his lifestyles as a Crystal Gem, Greg endured to enhance his son and discovered to have extra faith in him after previously showing worry for Steven's protection right through his missions.

After dwelling in his van for years, Greg moves into the Beach House in "The Future" when Steven makes a decision to transport out and in finding himself on the earth.


Greg appears is a plump middle-aged man with a dark-beige beard surrounding his mouth. Greg has a tan line on his shoulders and feet (in all probability from a blouse and pants he wore prior to) and bushy taupe eyebrows. Greg's skin colour is a peachy pink color, with the tan line spots being a mild apricot color, and darkish brown hair with a large bald spot on the most sensible of his head.

For the entirety of the unique sequence, the movie, and "Rose Buds", Greg's hair was once waist-length. In the climax of "Bluebird", to flee from Aquamarine's grab, Greg grabbed "Eyeball"'s chisel and lower his hair short. It now ends frayed at the edge of his neck with a permanent shading on the bottom, similar to Lapis Lazuli's hair.

In the primary two seasons and for most of Season 3, he usually wore a white tank top, with long or short gray pants or denims. He additionally occasionally wears a black t-shirt or a green sweater. He wears teal flip-flops, even supposing he tends to move barefoot or put on different kinds of sneakers. At the tip of Season 3, he shifted to dressed in a black short-sleeved t-shirt.

At the top of Steven Universe Future, he transitioned into wearing a white t-shirt and powder blue jeans. 

When he was more youthful, he had a putting resemblance to Steven. He was once skinnier, had a complete head of hair that once more reached all the way down to his waist, and earring items, and wore a black shirt with a celeb on it and the sleeves ripped off and ripped jeans with light blue sandals. During the flashback in "Greg the Babysitter", one in every of his pant legs gets stuck within the stays of the fence, ripping it off. He minimize the opposite leg off to compare, turning his denims into shorts.

The precise shade of his skin varies incessantly, every so often being a notable red, to fair-skinned like Steven. This is because of how easily he will get sunburned.


Greg seems to be an general sort particular person dwelling a more effective way of life. He is understood to be friendly and authentic, and, up to now, has retained an honest attitude relating to his emotions as a person. He seems to be easy-going and an optimist; his catchphrase is "If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs".

He is usually a bit immature now and then, being silly with watermelons in "Watermelon Steven", and is "kind of a mess" as described by means of Amethyst. He has been recognized to make deficient choices, equivalent to falling by the wayside of school or faking an injury to spend time with Steven, but he at all times takes full accountability for it afterwards and will do no matter he can to make it up.

While Greg isn't essentially knowledgeable about lots of the eventualities he faces, he regularly tries to provide the best recommendation he can this is based on his personal reviews, which can have a lot worth in their simplicity and his pragmatic view on things. Greg's advice had incessantly proven valuable to a lot of people round him, like when he reminded Steven on when to bail out, which in flip saved his and Pearl's life in "Space Race".

Much like his son, Greg cares deeply for his loved ones and buddies, such as when he went out of his way to get nearer to Rose despite the boundaries between their species. He is in a similar fashion characterised as paranoid concerning the worst happening to Steven, which stresses him to no finish. Despite this, he tries his perfect to position on a brave face for his son with the information that it made Steven satisfied and fulfilled, as seen in "Full Disclosure".

Even despite the fact that he does no longer know what distinction he can make, Greg will most often help those he cares about when in want, observed as he joins Steven on his undertaking in "Ocean Gem" and presented Connie fortify in "We Need to Talk". He could also be not the only to bear deep-seated grudges; despite the fact that the vast majority of the Crystal Gems partially resented him for what came about to Rose, he nonetheless wished they might be buddies again, such as in "Maximum Capacity" and "The Message". In "Story for Steven", he mentioned Marty was once "dead to him" but still admitted that he was once partially thankful for the assist choosing to stick with Rose.

Greg is a delicate individual, in keeping with Amethyst and a Crying Breakfast Friends! comparability made through Steven in "Reformed". Steven describes Pining Grapefruit as "wishing he was a better role model", one thing Greg shares with the Gems as none of them feel confident raising a kid as distinctive as Steven. This leaves him with a minor loss of self-confidence as he has famous himself that he can't be offering very much. Nevertheless, he does now not let it forestall him from trying to prove he will also be of use, as noticed in "The Message", and does his best possible to be a accountable dad or mum, taking the parental initiative with Steven in "Space Race" to keep him secure.

He seems to be a bit of uncomfortable in dealing with Gem powers, which he refers to as "magic stuff". He chooses to avoid magical eventualities unless Steven asks him for help. It is unknown if Greg has dangerous recollections in relation to Gem powers, and if that's the reason for his reluctance to get involved with them.

While he does not show it in everyday lifestyles, Greg used to be deeply affected by Rose's passing. Having cherished his time along with her, Greg was once unwilling to let go of the previous, which manifested in a hoarding downside the place he used to be reluctant to throw anything else away. In "Maximum Capacity", then again, Greg in the end let go of his previous by getting rid of all his junk.


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Skillset Touching Music: Greg has the power to succeed in people via music. This may well be considered a power, but we are yet to obtain affirmation. Fathering Skills: Greg is shown to be a good father, caring for Steven during his child days. Wisdom: Throughout the sequence, Greg supplies great recommendation to Steven about feelings and honesty.Save the Light

In this game, Greg can join the party, laying down some tunes. These tunes will continuously play for a suite amount of time, or until Greg gets hit. There is, however, an improve that permits the lately enjoying jam to keep taking part in when Greg perfect blocks an assault. These are his unlockable skills:

Damage Jam: Damages all close by enemies constantly; closer enemies obtain more damage. Heal Jam: Greg can heal close by allies; closer allies obtain extra well being. Star Jam: Speeds up the Star meter, expanding what number of stars level the celebration gains.Fusions When fused with Steven, they form Steg.




In "Mr. Universe", it's printed that he has an excessively strained courting together with his oldsters. As a child, he was raised in an abnormal, but strict environment the place he had a curfew, chaperones, and meatloaf each and every Thursday. His parents forced him to take part in many activities he had no real interest in, similar to wresting and competing in mathematic competitions. They did not beef up his love of song, deeming it as "off-limits," something that Greg greatly resented and tried to cover from his folks. As a results of this lack of freedom, he chose to leave home to explore the arena. Greg has had very limited contact along with his oldsters through the years, however regardless of his misgivings, he has written to both of them and made makes an attempt to keep up a correspondence; his folks alternatively, have now not opened any of the letters, implying they nonetheless do not accept his life alternatives.

Steven Universe “

Anyway, what’s up? Just had to see your old man, pal around, learn some lessons about lifestyles?

” —Greg, in "Laser Light Cannon" Greg enjoying along with his son, Steven.

Greg is Steven's father. The two have a just right father-son courting, however Greg appears to be looking to make issues as much as Steven. This is also because he does now not believe himself as living up to his attainable as a guardian. He also appears to grasp that Steven harbors emotional war regarding his mom. In the episode "Laser Light Cannon", when Rose's previous gentle cannon that Greg supplies to Steven and the Crystal Gems do not work in the beginning, he says, "It's okay, Steven! We'll figure out something else. Something even better!".

Even regardless that Steven is his son and Greg was once all however married to Rose, who also had the facility of a typical Gem, he is nonetheless weirded out by means of the magic happenings that happen. However, even along with his lack of expertise of these occasions, he all the time comes to his son's support when he is needed (as seen when Steven turns right into a cat monster in "Cat Fingers"). He is keen to comfort Steven to the most efficient of his abilities, as observed in "Keystone Motel" when Steven used to be upset that Garnet split.

Greg isn't the current parent of Steven. While Steven lives with the contributors of the Crystal Gems, Greg lives in his van, which stays close to the car wash. Steven used to live with Greg up until the Beach House used to be built. However, despite the fact that they don't reside together, Steven turns out to seek advice from Greg frequently (as noticed in the episode "Cat Fingers" when Steven helps out on the automotive wash). Greg is proven to care about Steven's protection, as he is sometimes proven to worry that Gem stuff isn't protected for Steven.

After Steven in spite of everything returned house in "Lars' Head", Greg becomes happy that Steven is again before he runs up to hug him in conjunction with the Gems and Connie.

In Steven Universe: The Movie, Steven and Greg fuse into Steg to make Pearl regain her recollections. When they fuse, the process is easy, signifying all the consider and figuring out between the two.

In "Growing Pains" Greg is on tour with Sadie and Shep. When Connie calls him to the sanatorium, he rushes there and calms Steven down after he grows to an enormous dimension. He stays with Steven when they return house.

Greg's dating with Steven is affected in "Mr. Universe"; when traveling the road together, Greg takes Steven to his previous area to take a look at and help him find a purpose in existence. When explaining his previous, he talks concerning the lack of freedom he had and the entire things he could not do dwelling together with his oldsters, and when his son refutes this point, Greg is quick to disagree. He talks about how Steven has it a lot better than he did as a kid, failing to grasp the points Steven makes and the traditional lifestyles he used to be given in comparison to the irritating life Steven used to be given. Even after the crash, Greg fails to take his son's words and own issues to center, as a substitute speaking about how proud he was that Steven had the guts to speak again to his dad. While Greg drones on, Steven ignores him, deleting a photograph he took of Greg's highschool photo and signifying a loss of admire against his father.

At the top of "Everything's Fine", Greg, alongside the Gems and Connie, degree an intervention for Steven, appearing how apprehensive he's for his son.

During "I Am My Monster", Greg, along the Gems and Connie try to calm the now corrupted Steven down, telling him to take deep breaths. Even when Amethyst tells him to leave prior to he gets hurt, he refuses to take action as a result of the multiple occasions he is run away from Gem conflicts, however now that Steven is that danger and since he did not offer protection to him from his repressed trauma from his adventures with the Crystal Gems, he's going to stay and help him.

In the collection finale "The Future", Greg moves into the Beach House when Steven offers him his outdated room. He is later observed on the beach pronouncing good-bye to his son when he's about to leave Beach City.

Rose Quartz “

I don't know what a mystical woman like that ever saw in a simple previous dope like me...

” —Greg, in "Laser Light Cannon" Greg dancing with Rose.

Rose Quartz used to be the love of Greg's life prior to she gave up her bodily shape to carry Steven into existence. They met when she used to be the one attendee at Greg's concert in Beach City when he used to be a one-man band touring along with his supervisor, Marty, whom he ditched to pursue a relationship along with her. Greg seems to imagine himself very fortunate to have met Rose. Greg nonetheless does not know what it was once that Rose saw in him.

In the episode "We Need to Talk", we additionally see his courting with Rose started a little bit rocky, with each Rose and Greg now not working out the mannerisms of each other's species. The two, alternatively, come to a decision that they are able to and can work out their relationship, despite them differing in some ways.

Their dating used to be a trustworthy and loving one, as Rose and Greg made up our minds to convey a kid to the arena together. In Guide to the Crystal Gems, Garnet calls Steven "in essence, a Fusion of love, like me!" representing that Greg in any case were given his want of fusing with Rose, but in a human approach.

For many years Greg used to be blind to the truth that Rose used to be a personality created by means of Pink Diamond. Rose stated that he slightly knew her is a superb factor, implying that she never sought after him to understand the reality about her. Ruby tells him the truth about Rose Quartz in "The Question" and when requested on his ideas concerning the divulge he claims not anything modified how he considered her. He best knew her as Rose Quartz, like Rose handiest knew him as Mr. Universe and no longer via his original identify, Gregory DeMayo.

In the episode "Rose Buds", Greg becomes extraordinarily uncomfortable when Steven asks him to join them for dinner, as he sees 3 Rose Quartzes that look very similar to Rose. He declines the offer and hurries out of the house.

Andy DeMayo Greg and his cousin Andy.

Andy is Greg's cousin who Greg used to discuss with at the circle of relatives barn in keeping with tradition.

After Andy's debut into the modern timeline, Greg used to be surprised to look him whilst Andy used to be indignant as a result of Greg by no means told him of Steven or no longer looking to contact him, as well some other collection of things that changed and how Greg contributed to it led to a couple bitterness in opposition to every other. It would ultimately be resolved at the finish of the episode.

Crystal Gems “

Wait, is that a magical thing? The Gems advised me to not become involved with magic stuff. It... it may well be bad or intervene with what’s left of my hair.

” —Greg, in "Laser Light Cannon" Greg arguing with the Gems.

The contributors of the Crystal Gems would rarely have interaction with Greg early on, despite being Steven's father and the lover of former Crystal Gem Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond. It seems that the principle reason why in the back of their lack of conversation used to be as a result of despite the fact that the Gems would not have any negativity towards Greg himself, they still idea he was no longer the most composed person. Amethyst best possible summed up the Crystal Gems' general feelings on Greg when she describes him as "kind of a mess". Due to this fact, they advise Greg to stick out of "magical matters", as they felt they were a lot more succesful than him. Greg didn't seem too open-minded, as he, like most people, seems worried, if not terrified, of "magic Gem stuff". However, even with their belief of Greg's moderately questionable reliability, Greg has come to their support when he's wanted (as noticed in "Laser Light Cannon"), but it kind of feels that this simplest occurs at Steven's request.

Earlier on, both Greg and the Gems additionally seem uncomfortable around each and every other now and again due to the circumstances surrounding Steven's delivery, and because of this Rose's/Pink's "death". In "The Message", it's published that Greg is deeply saddened and harm through how the Gems appear to look down on him, assuming that he can't be offering any real lend a hand with "magical matters". He expresses these emotions via a tune about how all he wants is their approval and that he has an overly high opinion of his spouse's closest friends.

Recently, it sort of feels that the Crystal Gems and Greg are warming up to one another, particularly Greg and Amethyst, despite the fact that Greg and Garnet have been by no means on dangerous terms both. His most complex or doubtlessly contemptuous dating is with Pearl, even supposing the 2 have never been observed appearing outright opposed towards one some other. As of "Mr. Greg", then again, they seem to be on friendly phrases after striking their former competition over Rose behind them. In "Gem Harvest" the Gems don't like his cousin Andy, being annoyed that a "new Greg" is taking the barn, to which Pearl feedback that Greg is the superior one.

In an in-character interview with Newsarama, Greg notes that "the Gems didn't know much about raising a baby. That I get, I had that covered. But I don't know much about being a Gem".[1] This is largely the rationale Steven was raised the best way he used to be.

In "Steven's Birthday", it is published Greg first met the Gems when he was once 22.

Garnet “

Let me let you know one thing, Mr. Universe. I believe you'll do it.

” —Garnet, in "We Need to Talk" Garnet encourages younger Greg not to give up in "We Need to Talk".

Garnet is the Crystal Gem who treats Greg with essentially the most admire. However, due to her enigmatic nature, she rarely presentations it brazenly. She has, then again, on several events overtly voiced her toughen in opposition to him, steadily towards Pearl.

In "We Need to Talk", it's Garnet who encourages him not to give up on trying to learn to carry out a fusion dance to fuse with Rose. The episode strongly means that she did so because she had noticed, with her Future Vision, that, whilst he would by no means be capable to fuse with her, the act of trying would drive the 2 to have a "real talk".

Garnet thank you Greg in "The Message".

This war of words between him and Rose forces the 2 to speak about their courting on extra severe terms, and after all, they come to a decision to check out their easiest at making it paintings regardless of the difficulties of a human being involved with a Gem. In "The Message", Garnet is the person who convinces Pearl to offer Greg a 2d chance at looking to decode the message, and she or he correctly thank you him when he is a success, giving him their much-desired approval.

In "Keystone Motel", Garnet accepts Greg's be offering of going on a street commute. Greg is understanding of Garnet's split and shall we Ruby and Sapphire have their area. He also is not alarmed when he sees Sapphire and asks the place "the other one" is, that means he had recognized that Garnet is a fusion or had already seen Ruby and Sapphire previously.

Greg comforts and talks to Ruby in "The Question" after her falling out with Sapphire. He takes her to a plain for Ruby to live out a cowboy myth and even teaches her find out how to play guitar.

Amethyst “

I had anyone who was once at all times there for me till she started putting out with you!

” —Amethyst, in "Maximum Capacity" Young Amethyst needs to be restrained by way of Pearl because of her excitement over Greg in "Story for Steven".

Amethyst and Greg used to get alongside really well. Amethyst's immature (by means of Gem requirements) attitude, as well as her love for human actions akin to eating and slacking off, is going hand-in-hand together with his persona. When the Crystal Gems first meet Greg, younger Amethyst is the least reserved and most fascinated about him and acts like an excited animal around him.

Their pleasant courting continues throughout the years, and so they spend much time together doing such things as staring at marathons of their favorite TV sitcom, Li'l Butler. However, with Rose's passing got here a metamorphosis in their friendship; it is implied in "Maximum Capacity" that their courting went bitter as a result of Amethyst began to hold a grudge in opposition to him for "taking" Rose clear of her, resulting in an unspecified war of words and them calling their friendship off. The episode unearths that it concerned shapeshifting into Rose and that it led to Greg to be particularly uncomfortable round shapeshifting compared to other "magical Gem stuff".

The episode results in but every other argument as they're seeking to re-ignite their relationship, however this time, it kind of feels that the two, with Steven's assist, reach an understanding, with Amethyst showing guilt for the things she had mentioned and Greg reciprocating her sentiment kindly.

Pearl “

Rose would possibly find you charming, but that's simplest since you're human. You're a novelty, at best.

” —Pearl, in "We Need to Talk" Pearl very much demanding Greg in "We Need to Talk".

Greg and Pearl get started as opponents for Rose's love, and while it's unclear if Greg saw it this fashion, Pearl has this mindset. Pearl, who had at all times beloved Rose, used to be very adversarial towards Greg and openly berates him for his seemingly naïve attempts to romance her. Under the assumption that he is only a "phase" and that Rose will lose interest in him once his novelty as a human wears off, Pearl continues undermining Greg's self-confidence. Perhaps seeing him as an actual risk to her relationship with Rose, she is decided to convince him that he's going to never be in detail as regards to a Gem because of his incapacity to fuse, and henceforth has no likelihood with Rose. In "We Need to Talk", not only does she become considerably more haughty about this, but she also convinces Rose to form Rainbow Quartz along with her. While Rose believes it was solely to spruce up their music video, Pearl used to be making an attempt to force her point house and display that she's going to all the time be Rose's closest confidante.

However, Greg is mostly just pissed off by means of her patronizing angle and is relatively undeterred by her sandbagging. To Pearl's great inflammation, her claims about his lack of ability to fuse are what motivates him to aim it. As it would appear, this ends up with him and Rose to have an intimate speak about their courting, a conversation that brings the two of them closer than ever ahead of. Having witnessed the conversation, Pearl overtly expresses her lack of confidence that Greg has replaced her as Rose's "favorite" to the opposite Crystal Gems.

Pearl and Greg striking out in "Reformed".

In the episodes set in the present time, Pearl still keeps a minimum of some of her assumed superiority as a Gem and every so often resentful in opposition to him, although she conveys it to Steven as Greg no longer being an optimum position style slightly than their private historical past. Despite their past battle, Greg nonetheless values the approval of Pearl and the opposite Crystal Gems and trusts them to raise his son well. As the demonstrate progresses, Pearl starts to forgive and appreciate Greg increasingly as he continues to prove himself as an incredibly adamant father regardless of his living possible choices. After the occasions of "Ocean Gem", she is seen voluntarily fixing his van on her personal, and in "Reformed", the 2 are seen spending time in combination by way of choice whilst tinkering with the van. The two even agree that they're mutually mystified via the enchantment of Crying Breakfast Friends!. This apparent cordiality didn't flush out all of her resentment, alternatively, as proven in "Chille Tid", she had a dream the place she and Rose fail to remember about Greg to move and discover the galaxy. This dream quickly warps right into a nightmare the place Greg is dressed as Rose and due to her for "fixing [his] van", a lot to Pearl's horror. However, as of the occasions of "Mr. Greg", their dating is far better, with the two having the ability to openly speak about Rose.

Doug & Priyanka Maheswaran “

The Maheswarans suppose I'm a accountable guardian, and I got to deal with that symbol.

” —Greg, in "Winter Forecast"

Greg desperately wants to come back off as a excellent, responsible dad or mum in the eyes of Connie's oldsters and makes every effort to earn their approval, with combined effects. In one conceivable long term in "Winter Forecast", he walks the youngsters house to Connie's via a snowfall as a result of he thinks that this is what a responsible father or mother does. This finally ends up best angering her parents as Connie catches a cold in the process. In any other conceivable long run in the similar episode where he manages to force Connie home in time, her oldsters are very welcoming towards the Universes (even inviting them to stick the night to keep away from riding house all over the raging snow fall), indicating that, so long as he does now not make a mess of items, they've warmed up towards him and Steven. Despite this, he basically has a excellent parent-to-parent relationship with them.

Peridot Peridot throwing Greg off the roof.

Greg has been told about her from Steven in "The Return", he turns out somewhat unnerved about what she may do, and only briefly met Peridot in "Log Date 7 15 2". When they first meet, Peridot and Greg proportion an awkward moment before she rudely pushes him off the barn roof with out caution, believing he can fly. Luckily, Garnet catches him prior to he could get injured. Greg, whilst terrified, understands that Peridot does not perceive Earth rather well.

Marty “

Yeah, he is just an previous amigo from way back when.He's dead to me.

” —Greg, in "Story for Steven" Greg being manipulated via Marty.

Marty used to be Greg's supervisor because the one-man band, "Mr. Universe". He was very exploitative of Greg, deciding every single move he made as a musician, and even taking 75 percent of his income. After telling Greg that he used to be only a "spaced-out kid" (and almost crashing his van), that they had a falling out, and Greg chose to stay to be with Rose, presumably starting his lifestyles in Beach City. While Greg bluntly states that Marty is "dead to him", he's grateful that he made it an easy choice to stick in Beach City, and, after his story to Steven, he realizes that he has Marty to thank for giving him the danger even to satisfy Rose, and places the photograph of himself and Marty up on a shelf in the van.

Marty returns within the episode "Drop Beat Dad" to promote it Guacola, however to start with as a result of he used to be legally obligated to offer Greg a take a look at, entitling him to ten million bucks for the usage of his song for a industrial for the "Pepe's Burgers" fast-food chain.

Vidalia “

Oh, we each kind of hung around your dad, but Vidalia's cooler than your dad, so we began placing out with out him.

” —Amethyst, in "Onion Friend"

Vidalia, Greg, and Amethyst used to hang around in combination once they had been more youthful. Vidalia says to Steven that his dad was once "super hot," but Amethyst and Vidalia giggle shortly after implying that she can have been joking. Before operating at It's a Wash, Greg seems to have ceaselessly hung out at Vidalia's house and eaten greater than his fair share of her meals. Vidalia, who changed into increasingly busy with caring for Sour Cream and work, used to be annoyed with Greg's lack of adulthood at times. Despite this, the 2 have been excellent pals. Having a variety of free time, Greg was willing to lend a hand to Vidalia when she wanted lend a hand, as proven in "Greg the Babysitter" when Greg agreed to babysit Sour Cream. Over the years, as Greg himself came to have the responsibilities of a father or mother, Vidalia and Greg have remained on good phrases and the 2 now and again hang around.[2]

Lapis Lazuli “

Wow, I think I did a bunch on that dock. Maybe any individual else should take a shot at being captain. What do you are saying, Captain Lazuli?

” —Greg, in "Alone at Sea"

Greg realized of Lapis in "Ocean Gem". During the challenge to get better the sea, he witnessed Lapis' water duplicates assault the group. In an try to assist Steven and Connie, Greg's leg used to be damaged and his van was once wrecked. Since it was once the primary project he went on together with his son, those events led Greg to grow to be frightened of Steven's safety on missions and terrified of Lapis. His affect of Lapis is reflected in "The Message" when he sings the intro of his music "Water Witch" which portrays Lapis as a villain. Steven briefly corrects him, on the other hand, explaining her quandary of seeking to get home.

In "Alone at Sea", Greg meets Lapis in person for the first time. When he introduces himself, he casually mentions that she had broken his leg however does no longer seem to hold anything else towards her. Throughout the go back and forth on the yacht, they are shown to be on excellent terms. He offers Lapis the opportunity to be captain and teaches her the right way to fish. When Lapis manipulates the water to assist catch fish, Greg is proven to be in awe of her magical talents.


Not much is understood about Greg's feelings against Bismuth, as they don't engage much. However, as noticed in "Escapism", they appear to be on reasonably friendly phrases with every different.

In "Fragments" they're noticed solving Greg's van together.

Blue Diamond “

"I know how hard it is to move on when you've lost someone.""You do?""I lost someone very important to me, too. I miss her every single day, and I think about her all the time, but she's never coming back. That feeling can be so hard to be okay with."

” —Greg and Blue Diamond, "Steven's Dream" Blue Diamond communicating with Greg.

In Korea, at Pink Diamond's Palanquin, Greg sympathizes with Blue Diamond. While she weeps about Pink Diamond's passing, Greg tells Blue Diamond that he feels the same approach, due to Rose's dying, and that it is hard to realize you will never see that particular person once more. Blue Diamond is stunned a human can know the way she feels and believes Greg does not deserve to die through the Cluster. Taking a liking to him, Blue Diamond kidnaps Greg and takes him into space.

In "Reunited", when Blue Diamond emerges from her spaceship, Greg needs to try "turn[ing] on that old Universe charm." The Crystal Gems temporarily talk him out of it, and he goes into the Beach House until its partial destruction, emerging with Cat Steven.

In "I Am My Monster", Amethyst tells Greg to get out of here earlier than he will get harm, however he refuses, complaining that "every time Gem stuff happens, I ran the other way," adding that his son is in trouble and he is proper to be angry as a result of he didn't protect him; Blue Diamond tells Greg that he didn't protect Steven from them.

Cat Steven

Cat Steven turns out to believe Greg, as she lets in him to hold and raise her without protest all over the Diamond assault. Garnet entrusts Greg to "water" Cat Steven whilst the Crystal Gems are away at Gem Homeworld.

Bluebird Azurite

In Bluebird's aforementioned episode, Greg and Bluebird have a pleasant relationship, with Greg and Bluebird staring at horror films together. However, in the climax of the episode, Bluebird dangles Greg off the roof of Steven's area to get Steven's attention, quickly turning their courting into an antagonistic one.


"Eyeball" and Greg, whilst being pleasant when she was fused as Bluebird, have an antagonistic courting. "Eyeball", along with Aquamarine, grasp Greg off the roof of Steven's space when fused as Bluebird. After unfusing, they make malicious requests of Steven, and when he declines, "Eyeball" pulls her chisel knife to Greg's face to blackmail Steven. However, Greg then grabs her knife and cuts his hair to unlock himself from their grip, operating inside the home soon after.


Aquamarine and Greg, while now not formally meeting till "Bluebird", knew of each other as Aquamarine was once looking him down for the human zoo with the assistance of Topaz in "Are You My Dad?" and "I Am My Mom". The two share a friendly dating when Aquamarine was fused with "Eyeball" as Bluebird Azurite; this became hostile when the fusion dangled Greg off the roof of Steven's home. Aquamarine and "Eyeball" unfuse, and after unsuccessfully getting Steven to conform to their sinister requests, they threaten Greg with Aquamarine dangling Greg and "Eyeball" protecting her chisel to Greg's face. However, Greg makes use of the chisel knife to cut his hair to escape their grasp, and Aquamarine throws the rest of his hair down in disgust.

Zoomans Greg and the Zoomans.

At first, Greg enjoyed their utopia and attempted to conform to it. He got along with Wy-Six and Jay-Ten, being pleased that they had been amazed via his stories of recent civilization. They name him "Ga-reg"

However, Greg was stunned by way of their ritual of the "Choosening" and refused to partake. He explained how humans on Earth select their pals. Interested within the free will, Wy-Six and Jay-Ten determined to be with him and so they ushered the opposite zoomans to do the same however he as soon as once more refused. Before Greg entered the Zoo, the Zoomans had no enjoy with self-determination, ensuing of their depression when Greg "choosened" none of them.

Years later, Greg met Wy-Six and Jay-Ten once more, short of to make amends however Wy-Six and Jay-Ten convey up his previous rejection and angrily inform him to go away. It is shown that many (if now not all) Zoomans display animosity towards Greg, refusing to let him enter the zoo, at the same time as a customer. This is noticed again when Greg called them "his angry ex's" as a result of their hostility.

Episode Appearances


Greg is the first (and recently best) human to be proven activating a Warp Pad, albeit handiest with the Warp Whistle. Greg seems to have some mechanical talents, as proven in "Space Race", where he builds Steven a cart and assists Pearl in construction her rocket, and in "Reformed", the place he helps Pearl repair his van. Although, it will have to be famous that each instances, Pearl does lots of the work. Greg may be shown to be an excellent sound engineer within the episode "The Message", where he manages to switch the sound from the wailing stone into tune after which a video. Despite his reluctance to develop into desirous about Gem affairs, he nonetheless turns out to understand somewhat a lot about Gem history and their invasion on Earth. This is most likely because of his relation to Rose and his prior involvement with The Crystal Gems. Rebecca Sugar has mentioned that Greg is her favourite personality.[3] Greg Universe's catchphrase is "If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs". The catchphrase used to be stated 4 times in "Laser Light Cannon". Pearl mentions the catchphrase in "Ocean Gem" when Greg's van was once destroyed, together with the guidance wheel that Pearl was keeping. Judging from his catchphrase, as well as his image with Rose Quartz, his favorite food is in all probability sizzling canines. According to Steven within the "Unboxing" short, Greg prefers his hot canine with burnt crispy skins. This catchphrase was said by means of Steven again in "The Return" to turn on the 4 Laser Light Cannons used to fire at the Gem Warship. The catchphrase is discussed through Steven again in "Change Your Mind" to Yellow Diamond. It was once printed in "Coach Steven" that Greg used to figure out ahead of, however he has been striking it off for many years. It has been published in "Maximum Capacity" that Greg does no longer like shapeshifting, despite the fact that it was up to now implied that he was uncomfortable with Amethyst's shapeshifting in "Cat Fingers", based on his pained expression upon viewing it. It is heavily implied the rationale he does no longer find it irresistible is because Amethyst has used it to torment him in the past, as proven when she shifted into Rose in "Maximum Capacity". His voice actor, Tom Scharpling, also voices Yellowtail, Onion's dad. According to an in-character interview, his favorite comedian books come with many kid-oriented titles printed by Harvey Comics, equivalent to Richie Rich and Casper the Friendly Ghost, which he has given to Steven, and the extra adult-oriented SF comedian Heavy Metal, which he says Steven will get when he is older.[1] It is confirmed in "The Question" that "Greg" is short for "Gregory", although Amethyst had called him that sooner than. It was once printed in "Story for Steven" that Greg dropped out of community college to pursue his song career. Greg is out of contact with pop culture, commenting in "Reformed" that he does no longer perceive anything anymore when asked if he understood Crying Breakfast Friends!. In "Story for Steven", Marty refers to Greg as "Star Child". This can have been a connection with rock singer Paul Stanley, who may be steadily called the "Star Child". Greg and Vidalia are very an identical. They both used to are living exciting care-free lives and in the end settled down and had a circle of relatives. Greg has recorded no less than two albums: Space Train to the Cosmos and Let Me Drive My Van (Into Your Heart). As of "The Message", he's working on every other album, known as Water Witch. The identify and canopy artwork, as well as the only track confirmed to be at the album, are all based upon Lapis Lazuli. In "Keystone Motel", he is not alarmed when he sees Sapphire and asks where "the other one" is, which means he knew Garnet is a fusion. As not one of the Gems earn money, Greg is the one who will pay for all their expenses.[4] Greg did not know in regards to the fusion Sugilite, till the episode "Coach Steven". Greg is most likely keen on the 70s rock band, Queen. In "The Message", Queen's 1977 album "News of the World" can be seen within Greg's van. Also, in the SDCC 2015 prolonged intro, a poster of Queen's 1975 album "A Night at the Opera" will also be noticed at the back of Greg's van. Joe Johnston confirmed that Greg is in his early to mid-40s in "Steven's Birthday".[5] Greg's age is later showed in-show in "Adventures in Light Distortion": Pearl explains that it would take approximately 70 human years to get to the Human Zoo, which by then, Greg can be a hundred and ten years previous. According to the episode outline for "Lion 3: Straight to Video", Greg was once in his thirties within the old house video from "Lion 3: Straight to Video".[6] Given that Steven used to be no longer born at the time of the video, and the truth that Steven turns 14 in "Steven's Birthday", this episode define contradicts Greg being 40 years previous. In "Steven's Birthday", it is revealed that Greg used to be 22 years previous when he first met the Gems. By the tip of the franchise, Greg is 42, and Steven is 16. This would put Greg at 26 years outdated on the time of Steven's beginning. Lamar Abrams published in an interview that Greg and Garnet play tennis all the way through weekends.[7] As of "Drop Beat Dad", Greg is now rich. However, he nonetheless lives in his van and does no longer attempt to upgrade the seashore house. In "Gem Harvest", it is published Greg's family name is "DeMayo", and that he changed his title to "Universe" when he became a performer. Greg's wording in "Gem Harvest", pronouncing that he "had it changed", would possibly indicate that it used to be legally modified to "Universe" and not only a stage name. Greg's eyes are both blue-gray or just gray, as shown in his and Rose's picture. In Steven Universe: Art & Origins it's published that, in early drawings, Greg was called "Tom Universe" as a result of Rebecca Sugar wanted Tom Scharpling to play the position. The title used to be modified to Greg ahead of drawing near Scharpling for "the avoiding of awkwardness". As of "Bluebird", Greg is now the second one person in the sequence to have lower their lengthy hair short. The first person to do that is Connie, who did so sooner or later all through her estrangement from Steven in-between "Dewey Wins" and "Kevin Party". The episode "Mr. Universe" unearths that Greg wore braces in middle college, and used to be a Mathlete and wrestler. However, he did not strive against or be a Mathlete through choice and states that it was one of the most many clubs his parents compelled him to join.


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