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Condescending quotes from YourDictionary: Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth; with out rain, there can be no life.Famous quotes & sayings about Condescending: Eugene H. Peterson: Pity can also be nearsighted and condescending; shared suffering may also be dignifying and life-changing.Favorite Condescending Quotes. 1. "The relativists' stance is extremely condescending: it treats a fancy society as a monolith, obscures the conflicts within it, and takes its most obscurantist factions...100 Condescending Famous Sayings, Quotes and Quotation. I understood the therapists have been seeking to rebuild Paul's vocabulary, starting wit the rudiments, but Paul found it taxing, uninteresting...Find the best condescending quotes, sayings and quotations on I by no means make the similar mistake two times. I make it 5 - 6 times, simply to make certain - Funny Quotes.

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Discover 7 quotes tagged as Condescending Quotations: Bill Griffith: 'Everybody that loves Nancy loves it in a somewhat condescending manner. Condescending Quotations. Add to Chrome.List 26 smart famous quotes about Condescend: I like to blur the line between truth and fiction, however to not condescend to the reader by way of enmeshing her/him.Share motivational and inspirational quotes about CONDESCENDING. "Watteau is no less an artist for having painted a fascia board while Sainsbury's is no less effectiv..."Here is a look at one of the most very best quotes about being condescending to inspire you to reply specifically to the location. "A conventional person may also be restrained through the prejudices of its tradition.

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Condescending Phrases (Page 1) Condescending People Quotes. QuotesGram Best 25+ Condescending quotes concepts on These pictures of this page are about:Condescending...126 well-known quotes about Condescending: Talib Kweli: Whats more condescending and corny than somebody telling Enjoy studying and share 126 famous quotes about Condescending with everybody.A web page for describing Quotes: Condescending Compassion. Following. Quotes / Condescending Compassion. Go To.Best Quotes Authors Topics About us Contact us. Best 14 of Condescending quotes - MyQuotes. Newest Popular.These Condescending quotes are the most productive examples of well-known Condescending quotes on PoetrySoup. Condescending Quotes Login | Join PoetrySoup.

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1. "The relativists' stance is extremely condescending: it treats a complex society as a monolith, obscures the conflicts within it, and takes its most obscurantist factions as spokespeople for the whole."Author: Alan Sokal

2. "Our society accepts the book as a given, but the act of reading -- once considered useful and important, as well as potentially dangerous and subversive -- is now condescendingly accepted as a pastime, a slow pastime that lacks efficiency and does not contribute to the common good."Author: Alberto Manguel

3. "Those in the west who dismiss the repressiveness of laws against women in countries like Iran, no matter how benign their intentions, present a condescending view not just of the religion but also of women living in Muslim majority countries, as if the desire for choice and happiness is the monopoly of women in the west."Author: Azar Nafisi

4. "I don't know the kind of person I'll be tomorrow, but I'll be able to look back on yesterday and ask "What was once that man's drawback?" The future is full of condescending jerks."Author: Bauvard

5. "Everybody that loves Nancy loves it in a slightly condescending way. Nancy is comics reduced to their most elemental level."Author: Bill Griffith

6. "Don't be condescending to unskilled labor. Try it for a half a day first."Author: Brooks Atkinson

7. "I hate a movie that will end by telling you that the first thing you should do is learn to love yourself. That is so insulting and condescending, and so meaningless. My characters don't learn to love each other or themselves."Author: Charlie Kaufman

8. "I know that when a supersexy older girl with hips and breasts and nice hair wants to take off your glasses and to paint you a smoky eye she's merely trying to enroll you in a beauty contest she's already won. It's a kind of slummy, condescending gesture, like when rich people ask poor people where they summer. To me, this smacks of a blatant, insensitive "allow them to devour cake" type of chauvinism."Author: Chuck Palahniuk

9. "Aren't you in my Science class?" Shayna/Shayla asks."English," I correct her.She shoots me a condescending glance. "I did speak English," she says defensively. "I said, 'aren't you in my Science class?'"Oh, holy hell. Maybe I don't need to be that blonde. "No," I say. "I meant English as in 'I'm not in your Science class, I'm in your English class'."Author: Colleen Hoover

10. "I'd tell you to shove your condescending tone up your ass, but a big stick got there first."Author: Dawn Jayne

11. "Livia patted Kyle's shoulder condescendingly. "Look at that! You did all that complaining with out cursing. That's a just right lady."Author: Debra Anastasia

12. "I understood the therapists were trying to rebuild Paul's vocabulary, beginning wit the rudiments, but Paul found it taxing, boring, and disturbingly condescending. His loss of language didn't mean he was any less a grown-up with adult feelings, experiences, worries, and problems. [p. 144]"Author: Diane Ackerman

13. "Children cannot be fooled by empty praise and condescending encouragement. They may have to accept artificial bolstering of their self-esteem in lieu of something better, but what I call their accruing ego identity gains real strength only from wholehearted and consistent recognition of real accomplishment, that is, achievement that has meaning in their culture."Author: Erik Erikson

14. "Jeb dragged a protesting Anita toward a rapidly approaching sheriff'sfour-wheel drive. Blood dribbled through her fingers covering a gunshotwound on her arm. "Lady, I've never raised a hand to a woman in my existence,but you're sorely trying out my limits."Chloe sympathized. If there was one thing she hated it was acondescending psycho bitch with bad taste in sweaters."Author: Fiona Archer

15. "And Annwyl. Remember what I told you." "Protect my right side?" "No." "Feint with my left?" "No." "Nice ass?" "No!" His growl of annoyance handiest elicited a sweet snort from his lady. "Watch my rage, heart of my heart?" "Condescending cow."Author: G.A. Aiken

16. "If I were a lesbian and had a thing for narcissistic ex-sorority girls? I'd totally do me."Bitter is the New Black: Confessions of a Condescending, Egomaniacal, Self-Centered Smart-Ass, or Why You Should Never Carry a Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office: A Memoir"Author: Jen Lancaster

17. "This quick foray onto the toilet has been no different an endeavor than any other time I've used the restroom in my adult life. Try then to imagine my surprise when instead of the waste going down the u-bend like the thousands of times previous, the bowl's contents go not gentle into that good night.Instead, they shoot directly up at me . . . at approximately 80 miles an hour.As I leap backward, slamming into the glass shower door, the only thought going through my now-banged head is, When did I eat corn?"Pretty in Plaid: A Life, a Witch, and a Wardrobe, or, the Wonder Years Before the Condescending, Egomanical, Self-Centered Smart-Ass Phase"Author: Jen Lancaster

18. "Piper- I didn't like Mr. Wilder.Eliza- He's not so bad, Piper, if you overlook his tendency to be condescending.Agatha- And narrow-minded and chauvinistic.Gloria- I think a nice cup of tea is in order before we continue our discussion of Mr. Wilder and his many faults. May I suggest we make ourselves comfortable in the parlor?"Author: Jen Turano

19. "It's been a tough couple of years for condescending nerds. And if bookstores fall, Jon, America will be inundated with a wandering, snarky underclass of unemployable purveyors of useless and arcane esoterica."Author: John Hodgman

20. "One of our greatest challenges is to handle Winning without arrogance, being educated without being condescending and having compassion without developing indifference"Author: Kalon Jackson

21. "I hear Raleigh's new accounting business isn't doing well. Maybe up in New York or somewhere it's a good thing, but in Jackson, Mississippi, people just don't care to do business with a rude, condescending asshole."Author: Kathryn Stockett

22. "I was begging you not to get married and if you do manage to talk some poor woman into marrying you, please pull out," Paul stated in a sluggish, condescending approach, raising his eyebrows in hopes of clarifying. "Sterilization should be a legal requirement for pricks like you."Author: Kele Moon

23. "New Adult is a label that is condescending to readers and authors alike. It implies that the books act as training wheels between Young Adult and Adult. For the New Adult books that are particularly childish, the label implies that they are a step above Young Adult--which is insulting to the Young Adult books that are far superior. For the New Adult books that are particularly sophisticated, the label implies that they are not worthy of being considered "grownup." It's a lose-lose situation for everyone.[...]Therefore, the new genre of New Adult is a large step backwards. It increases the system of categories and labels even further, and prevents readers from expanding their horizons and minds. The term is reductive and it is insulting to its own audience."Author: Lauren Sarner

24. "You think you could have improved upon yesterday's issue? Damon inquired, with a condescending expression that would have made the rest of the Redmond clan proud."I rattling smartly could have. I suffered from eyestrain after trying to find a mention of the Cincinnati Red Stockings any place within the paper."Author: Lisa Kleypas

25. "Delia was an overbearing cake with condescending frosting, and frankly, I was on a diet."Author: Maggie Stiefvater

26. "No, Elenore's something else. You're beautiful. Especially when you look at me with that 'boy he's a condescending asshole' expression....Yea. Beautiful."Author: Maggie Stiefvater

27. "Let me guess, law student conference?" I began to walk around him, but stopped when I heard the clearly condescending nickname and the amusement in his voice. "Yes, actually. Is there something wrong with that?""No, not at all. Looks like we're both here to learn how to be the best at getting people off."Author: Mia Sheridan

28. "He was always 'checking in' to see if I needed any help with my campaign, which on the surface seemed nice enough, but it was done in a condescending tone that made me want to staple his lip to his tie."Author: Molly Harper

29. "Kyo: Of course, I'll beat YOU, too!Yuki: Don't you ever get tired of saying that?Kyo: Beating you is my vocation! It's my goal in life!Yuki: It's so unfair that I keep having to take abuse just because you can't meet your goals.Kyo: THAT CONDESCENDING ATTITUDE OF YOURS REALLY PISSES ME OFF!Yuki: And that revolting thought process of yours pisses me off."Author: Natsuki Takaya

30. "But really it's condescending and patronizing not to make fun of someone because they're old or stupid or crippled or morbidly obese. Banged up people don't want your pity. They just want to be treated like everyone else. Mockery, when done without prejudice or discretion, can be a form of respect. It's the closest we'll ever come to true equality."Author: Paul Neilan

31. "Regarding both Misty and myself he was egotistical, rude, obnoxious, condescending, insensitive, and mean-spirited??and those are his good qualities."Author: Randall Kenneth Drake

32. "So – I am n-nothing more than – than a bloody job?! On top of not knowing why you must look after me – you only jumped at the chance to help me because your – that V-Vampire thought you couldn't?! What are you, some – some child?!""I am no child, human!""Oh I would not have thought so," she breathed condescendingly sending his blood to boil despite the hoop, "if it were not for the fact that only children react so wondrously juvenile when faced with such a choice! You bargain my life over a show of bravado! And where is your brother, Christian?! He has not been here to see your brilliant work as my watcher, has he?!"Author: S.C. Parris

33. "And she had thought Oliver insulting! At least now she knew where he got it from. Heavens alive, what a family!She almost felt sorry for him, having a grandmother that condescending. No wonder he had thought his plan would work."Author: Sabrina Jeffries

34. "If you are for Allah, I am for Al-Lat. And she doesn't believe your God when he recognizes her. Her opposition to him is implacable, irrevocable, engulfing. The war between us cannot end in truce. And what a truce! Yours is a patronizing, condescending lord. Al-Lat hasn't the slightest wish to be Allah's daughter. She is his equal, as I am yours."Author: Salman Rushdie

35. "I'm a terrible patient, and I find that doctors can be very condescending."Author: Sherry Stringfield

36. "I just happen to comprehend the low standards of the majority of the music-buying public, and I don't care how condescending that sounds, it's true. They always go for the shiny gimmicks. Always."Author: Tiffanie DeBartolo

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