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AirBuddy permits diving for 45 mins up to 12 meters (40ft) deep.AirBuddy bridges the distance between s... AirBuddy - tankless divingWorld's smallest diving tools.With AirBuddy, you dive deep sufficient to explore the wonderful thing about marine life, but not deep enough to run a serious chance of decompression sickness - unless you dive more than three times in a row (or have collected some nitrogen from earlier diving), you're throughout the no decompression limit (NDL).Features and technical specs of AirBuddy, an electrical dive gear that lets you dive as much as 12m deep for 45 min.The Air Buddy is the most complicated alternate air supply a SCUBA diver can download. Air Buddy is the fashionable change air supply. It is the smallest, safest and most handy exchange air supply on the market as of late.Find Deals on Air Buddy Diving System in Water Sports on Amazon.

DIVING | EASIER - Dive without SCUBA tanks! Anytime, anywhere.

Buddy diving is the usage of the buddy machine by scuba divers.It is a set of safety procedures intended to strengthen the chances of averting or surviving injuries in or beneath water through having divers dive in a group of 2 or now and again 3. When the usage of the buddy machine, individuals of the group dive in combination and co-operate with every different, in order that they are able to assist or rescue each and every different in the event of anThe Air Buddy as a signal device. The Air Buddy is not only an alternate air souce, it functions, with the Air Buddy Storm Whistle because the loudest scuba signal device you'll be able to purchase. Just hang it against the mouthpiece of the whistle and squeeze the Air Buddy. It may also be heard as much as 1/2 mile away.My first scuba dive with AirBuddy in search of misplaced treasure in the river. This is my first airbuddy diving assessment. My first impresssion of airbuddy and theJoin us to deliver the benefit of snorkeling into the interesting international of diving, in order that more other people can explore and appreciate the beauty of our marine life.

DIVING | EASIER - Dive without SCUBA tanks! Anytime, anywhere.

AirBuddy is small and light, battery powered hookah diving

AirBuddy is a compact a tankless diving gadget that used to be first offered in 2016. The AirBuddy provides 45 minutes of diving time at a intensity of as much as 12 meters (forty feet) and eliminates the will for a traditional scuba tank. How does it work? AirBuddy is composed of 3 major components: a battery-powered air compressor, a supply hose and a regulator.AirBuddy is the smallest and lightest diving tools in the world. Designed specifically for self-guided shallow water dives, it brings extra freedom to diving - no air refills, leases, sophisticated logistics or bulky tools! With AirBuddy's tankless design, you select your locations and will dive anytime and anywhere.Move over, Snuba — there's a new player on the earth of tankless diving. A bunch of Australian divers has evolved the AirBuddy, a transportable tankless diving machine that gives as much as 45 minutes of dive time at a intensity of up to 12 meters (40 ft) for 1 diver and six (20 feet) meters for two divers.. The AirBuddy consists of 3 major parts: a battery-powered air compressor, a supply hoseA few months in the past we ran a function on the AirBuddy, the handy breathing machine for the trained diver at the move.It's with just right fortune and perhaps the niche group through which we all dwell that Deepblu and AirBuddy met in particular person at AIDE 2017 in Sydney.. For the ones now not in-the-know, the AirBuddy is a surface-level diving equipment created via diver and inventor Jan Kadlec that charges atThe AirBuddy is a pass between snorkeling and scuba diving equipment - to create a fun and handy diving revel in. Rather than use air tanks, the AirBuddy makes use of a small air compressor that pressurizes the air from the outside to be brought to the diver using a coiled feed pipe. The compressor sits in a floatation device that floats along

explore the underwater with tankless dive gear by AirBuddy — Kickstarter

AirBuddy is the smallest and lightest diving equipment on the planet. Designed particularly for self-guided shallow water dives, it brings more freedom to diving - no air refills, rentals, complicated logistics or cumbersome gear! With AirBuddy's tankless design, you choose your places and will dive anytime and anyplace. And it fits in your bag, making it a great spouse to your travels.

Get closer to underwater existence than when snorkeling and experience the weightless feeling with out wearing heavy air-filled tanks on your again.

Diving & being spontaneous? Definitely YES! Pack your AirBuddy for a circle of relatives day on a seaside, move yachting or force up the coast on your campervan. Or simply use if for another diving actions in shallow water reminiscent of underwater images, lobstering, coral gardening, hull cleansing, pool maintenance, etc.

We had been featured in the following media retailers and occasions. If you have an interest in writing about AirBuddy, please be at liberty to take a look at our press package and get in touch with us at [email protected]

AirBuddy brings a brand new choice, bridging the distance between snorkeling and SCUBA. The rechargeable battery-powered air compressor will give you recent air from the surface. Just grab it and go swimming between corals and fish - for up to 45 mins and max 12 metres (40ft) deep. Easy as that!

Experience a much less inhibited diving enjoy with higher protection. Don’t carry unnecessarily heavy apparatus on your self - feel like a fish within the water.

No heavy gear in your again No want to modify your bouyancy all the way through the dive With no BCD (containing residual air), put on much less weights (less gear to hold) With lower drag, wear smaller fins to propel yourself (less equipment to carry) Use a more natural frog kick (versus flutter kick) Simply stroll to dive websites with difficult road access Set-up and pack-up in less than 2 minutes

We created AirBuddy with the intention to give you the freedom to dive on every occasion you like with out the trouble or the restrictive bulk of SCUBA gear. Take AirBuddy with you when the elements is sweet (and ocean calm) and you are feeling like having a terrific day full of new adventures underwater.

It's easy. The rechargeable 12V battery powers the air compressor that pressurises the outside air. The air is then delivered to the diver via a receiver and a supply hose with a regulator (mouthpiece). This means you don’t must store and take all the compressed air with you beneath water. You breathe fresh air from the skin.

AirBuddy is without equal "grab-and-go" answer for recreational diving. It's compact and the entire device weighs only 9.5kg (21 lbs), which is set 60-70% less than other dive gear in the marketplace. You can take it with you actually anyplace - it’s plane-friendly and suits your travel bag. No need to concern about operating it - you'll be able to set it up/pack it up in near to 2 mins.

Whether you head to the beach after work, fly on vacation to Fiji, set the sails to cruise, collect abalone, or simply need to clean your hull, AirBuddy is the very best better half for your shallow water diving.

AirBuddy sparked interest in lots of divers who've been supporting us within the final years - performing beta assessments, offering concepts and feedback and serving to to unfold the word about AirBuddy. Here is what some of them say:

Fun reality: Did you understand that corals tend to develop at relatively shallow depths the place the daylight nonetheless penetrates the water? That’s where you also to find the vast majority of marine species that reside off of the coral or search protection in coral buildings.

That's why how a lot you see doesn’t depend on how deep, but how often you dive. Most of our easiest sightings happened in depths of lower than 12 metres.  Hence the dive intensity we designed AirBuddy for. Voilà!!! (We shot all of those pictures within this depth. See more on our Instagram).

Share the joys & dive at the side of a buddy. You can both connect 2 divers to one AirBuddy (and get a 45min consultation, max depth 6m /20ft) or link 2 AirBuddies together (and get 45min session, max depth 12m /40ft). Two AirBuddies will go with the flow in combination in a formation that forestalls a possible entanglement of the hoses. And although the hoses cross in the future, no worries - it doesn't stop the air go with the flow.

Making you secure is our first priority! With AirBuddy, you dive deep sufficient to discover the beauty of marine life, but no longer deep enough to run a significant chance of DCS (decompression sickness, aka "bends"). 

Unless you dive greater than thrice in a row, which is unlikely as you'd wish to change Four batteries, you continue to are throughout the NDL (no decompression prohibit), thus can floor in case of an emergency without any stops and possibility of DCS.

With shallow water diving, you're just seconds away from the surface. You can swim up if needed. An ascent from a shallow dive takes most effective about 20 sec from 6m/ 20ft to 40sec from 12m/ 40ft at the PADI advisable ascent charges.

In an not likely tournament of an emergency, you can use 2 backup programs prior to needing to accomplish CESA (managed emergency swimming ascent):

Backup #1: Use 15L compressed emergency air contained in the purple waft/reservoir, which gives about 4-Five breaths at 12m intensity to about 12-15 breaths when nearer to surface at about 1m intensity. Backup #2: Use 100% redundant egressor/ pony bottle - dimension of your selection (bought one by one). CESA: Swim towards the surface whilst slowly breathing out (making the "aaaaaah" sound).

Who can use AirBuddy? Anyone who can swim, feels comfy within the water, is willing to be informed and obey the diving laws and procedures and has no scientific prerequisites fighting them from diving with compressed air.

But at the finish of the day, YOU are the ultimate father or mother of your personal safety. Proper dive training is crucial for your convenience and protection. Dive responsibly, know your limits and not move to a intensity you don't really feel comfy ascending from in case of an emergency, certainly not with none 100% redundant back-up device. And keep in mind, it is all the time a good suggestion to practise your first dives with AirBuddy in waist degree water and then slowly progress as you gain extra experience and confidence.

AirBuddy comes with further protection backup features and our online improve machine - watch our FREE instruction videos that give an explanation for the important thing diving ideas and safety rules.

More Safety Features:

(1) Large 15L air reservoir supplies emergency air for protected return to the skin. (2) Low battery stage observe and alarm starts sending out audible signals when the battery voltage drops under 11V (about Forty five min of operation). This is the signal so that you can ascend. (3) Visible float and diving flag to mark your position to boats, fishermen, and so on.  (4) Detachable magnetic wristband with a transfer to ensure that best you (the diver) can transfer AirBuddy off.  (5) Abrasion and kink resistant air hose made out of sturdy polyurethane that limits the intensity of your descend. (6) Elaborate air tactics with 3x snorkel meeting to forestall splash water achieving the compressor. (7) Capsize coverage to about 110° tilt with the load mass in the decrease segment appearing as a keel and an digital machine to prevent water ingress.

AirBuddy comes with a charger so instead of difficult air tank refills, merely recharge the battery from a power outlet (battery is fully recharged in 3.5hrs) at house, on your boat or perhaps a campervan - identical to you do together with your cellular or digital camera! For a second consecutive dive with AirBuddy, use an additional battery (that weighs handiest 2.9kg).

And the most productive phase? Your prices of operation are limited to the electricity you use (about [scrape_url:1]



[/scrape_url].1 in keeping with recharge) and an occasional upkeep each few years (or round a hundred dives), which means you save hundreds of bucks over the life of the gear. The battery is rated to retain greater than 80% of its capability even after 1,500 cycles!

AirBuddy provides a flat price structure. The equipment costs and upkeep prices are similar with mid-range SCUBA gear. The difference is that you don't pay any rental or air-refill costs (and logistics) each time you pass diving. You just recharge the battery from a socket for approximately 10 cents. This makes diving inexpensive, with important savings over the time.

Fun truth: Surface-supplied diving (SSBA) has been round for longer than SCUBA, the first divers explored the sea bed of their humorous having a look dive fits with large brass helmets already back within the nineteenth century. 

We blended this almost 200-year previous diving theory with the latest technologies, fabrics and inventions and created a compact, user-friendly unit.

AirBuddy is unique in the way in which it's bridging the space between snorkeling and SCUBA. Whereas SCUBA (or rebreathers) are just about irreplaceable on deep dives or dives with overhang (caves, wrecks), AirBuddy is perfect for hassle-free shallow water dives. Same sport, different use case, different equipment. Just like highway bike vs. mountain bike or move country ski vs. downhill ski.

We designed AirBuddy for most efficiency, comfort, and safety at the minimum weight and measurement. Because stowability and transportability matter, too. Now you'll be able to take your dive gear anywhere you need. AirBuddy weighs 9.5kg (21lbs) in total. Out of this, the balk hose, vest and regulator weigh about 1.7kg (3.7lbs) and the principle unit weighs 7.8kg (17.2lbs).

Every section has been precisely engineered and has long past through many rounds of testing and improvements. We also are proud to be maintaining a patent for the six key inventions we made for: compressor cooling, battery, underwater signalling, secure switching, the air hose, and the air reservoir.

We began operating on AirBuddy again in 2013 after we realised the opportunity of SSBA for self-guided leisure shallow water diving. Unable to search out the correct product on the market for our underwater explorations in Sydney and on our travels, we set out the objective to build a small, light-weight and easy to use dive gear. This is how AirBuddy compares to different leisure SSBA:

Each AirBuddy comes in a bundle that consists of: compressor unit, power reservoir (waft), supply hose, harness and regulator, battery, charger, dive flag (american/ alpha), magnetic transfer (bracelet), velcro straps (flow attachment) and battery shipping case.

You are able to hit the seashore the very same day you unpack your AirBuddy from the box. Just charge the battery, pack your fins, masks and weights, and you are prepared to dive in no time.

While our number one focal point at the moment stays at the core product (AirBuddy), there's a vary of concepts for add-on features and equipment that we've got evaluated for the longer term. One thrilling feature is GPS tracking that will allow you to assessment your dive trail and percentage with others. We also keep watch over the fast advancing solar charging generation to turn out to be possible for charging AirBuddy in remote locations.

We are a staff of passionate divers, mechanical engineers and skilled marketers. AirBuddy used to be designed by way of divers, for divers.

We consider that the sector will also be frequently stepped forward if people and give them something that combines nice design, somewhat of clever invention and is a laugh to make use of. Together, we now have four a long time of enjoy in business, engineering and design and jointly hang 6 grasp's degrees.

We evolved AirBuddy to brings the ease of snorkeling into the interesting global of diving. Our undertaking is to help more other folks to explore and recognize the wonderful thing about our marine existence.

Please, again our campaign nowadays by opting for one of the crucial rewards from the suitable panel. Your improve is beneficial! Anytime you spot AirBuddy at the seashore someday, please proudly realize it's thanks to you, the original backers! And those of you who opt for AirBuddy can in return on your consider stay up for an important diving enjoy. See you within the water!

After almost 4 years of development, seven generations of prototypes, and numerous hours of diving and checking out AirBuddy, today we are ready to bring AirBuddy to you. While growing some beautiful amazing technologies, we also construct a powerful network of producers that form a solid supply chain. Below you'll be able to see the adventure to this point and what comes subsequent:

Diving is a huge part of our life. We can’t image a global with out it. But we also know that, for many causes, it is probably not the the easiest recreation to follow. Let's make diving extra obtainable and simple for everybody together!

We’re in a position to set up manufacturing of AirBuddy. But we will be able to't use the the similar applied sciences that we used for prototyping, akin to 3-d print, silicone-urethane molding or hand-carving. They are too expensive, extremely slow and imprecise. We need the make stronger from you - other passionate divers, water fanatics, pros and technology fans - to succeed in a scale that permits the investment into injection molding and bulk orders of components to satisfy MOQs of our providers.

We’ve turned to Kickstarter to construct this group and to make sure that the ultimate an important step of putting in place our production is completed right. And for this opportunity we are without end thankful. Please, pledge and percentage this undertaking to sign up for us!

AirBuddy Is Small And Light, Battery Powered Hookah Diving Gear. - DIVING | EASIER

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AirBuddy | Explore The Underwater With Tankless Dive Gear By AirBuddy — Kickstarter

Air Buddy Diving : buddy, diving, AirBuddy, Explore, Underwater, Tankless, Kickstarter

AirBuddy | Explore The Underwater With Tankless Dive Gear By AirBuddy — Kickstarter

Air Buddy Diving : buddy, diving, AirBuddy, Explore, Underwater, Tankless, Kickstarter

Dive Without Air Tanks! Anytime, Anywhere. - DIVING | EASIER

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Dive Without Air Tanks! Anytime, Anywhere. - DIVING | EASIER

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AirBuddy Bridges The Gap Between Snorkeling And SCUBA. - DIVING | EASIER

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Dive Without Air Tanks! Anytime, Anywhere. - DIVING | EASIER

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